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Updated 2024-05-02 09:32

Despite being a small city, Frankfurt is Germany's most significant financial, educational, and cultural center, attracting a considerable amount of international talent and, therefore, offering plenty of opportunities for developing your social circle. Overall, you won't have issues meeting new people as many expats in the city are in the same position as you (i.e., looking to make friends).

However, if you wish to socialize with German people, you should be patient and first understand the ins and outs of Frankfurt's networking etiquette. The mild climate and the dynamic atmosphere of the city make it easy to organize different leisure activities in Frankfurt with acquaintances and friends and maintain friendships.

Networking through sports in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is a very lively city where people like to incorporate activities into their leisure time. Sports are a great way to develop your social circle, as Frankfurt has many venues for practicing and watching sports. From training for marathon races, recreational swimming in outdoor and indoor swimming pools, and everyday exercising in gyms and yoga studios to rowing, stand-up paddling, and windsurfing, you have no excuse not to stay fit in Frankfurt. The city's green spaces and many parks allow for casual jogging and cycling, which you can do with some company for extra motivation and the sake of socializing. There's also a unique activity called sight-jogging, which combines running with sightseeing and exploring Frankfurt.

Tip: Check with your colleagues whether the company you work for has sports teams for amateurs that you can join or whether there are any sports classes you can attend.

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Networking through intellectual motivation in Frankfurt

Learning the German language is not only an excellent way to start your new life in Frankfurt and support your integration process but also to meet new people and practice your new skills together. Other intellectual and sociable activities include taking part in a book club, poetry slams, seminars and conferences, and different workshops, depending on your interests. To stay up to date with the various events taking place in Frankfurt or to create your own event, visit's events in Frankfurt page, where you can discover exciting things going on in the city organized by or for expats.

Joining the nightlife in Frankfurt

In Frankfurt, people work hard as some of the biggest corporations in the world have their headquarters and regional offices there. Nevertheless, the city's reputation as Germany's financial hub doesn't stop it from boasting a lively nightlife and entertainment scene, mainly thanks to the large student population studying at Frankfurt's renowned universities. Maybe solo customers are not the most common type of customer in pubs and bars; however, it is very likely that if you are going out alone, you will be able to engage in conversation with staff members, or you will be invited to join the company of others.

Tip: A good socializing practice if you don't know anyone in Frankfurt is to familiarise yourself with your local area and find cafés, restaurants, and bars for different occasions. For example, choose a café to work from, a restaurant with a cuisine that reminds you of home, and a bar that plays your kind of music. That way, you can become a regular customer, and soon, you will be befriending the staff members and other regulars.

Volunteering in Frankfurt

Volunteering is an excellent way to meet new people and contribute to your community while possibly gaining beneficial work experience, especially if you are a student in Frankfurt. Get to know your area and the needs your community has, and — on the basis of your interests and skills — consider doing social work, farming, or teaching. Usually, people who meet during volunteering have a lot in common and, most importantly, share similar values such as solidarity and lifelong learning.

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The church in Germany operates foundations, charities, and even hospitals and schools. Traditionally, the first charities in Germany were controlled by the church.

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