Developing your social circle in Frankfurt

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Updated 2019-10-09 14:09

New city means open horizons and new environment. It also means meeting with strangers and building friendships all over again. Germans have the reputation of being reserved, and while this stereotype can be true, Frankfurt is an exception because of the large influx of international workers and students. Besides, the good climate and the large number of bars make it easy to find and maintain friendships. There are also many expat groups and activities that help even more in the meeting of like-minded individuals.

Meeting people at work or university can be helpful, especially as most of the universities organise extracurricular activities. Most of the large companies in Frankfurt also have plenty of diversity to offer, so getting in a new working environment will never be boring. There are, however, some additional ways to meet people through hobbies and passions, which can be one of the best ways to explore some unknown corners of the city.

Networking through sports in Frankfurt

Frankfurt has many gyms and courts which allow the possibility to join a team and learn, or playgroup sport like football, baseball, basketball or swimming. This is a fun option to get to know people passionate about some sport. Additionally, it is possible to join a group like the Frankfurt English Running Group or the Tuesday Night Skating, which are great in order to meet new people and to get to see the city in a different light. Frankfurt-n-motion is a group that organises sports events, but also theatres, trips, dinners and even yoga and meditation.

Networking through intellectual motivation in Frankfurt

Given that the city is full of expats, it is possible to meet people to exchange information or languages. Some of the most popular social media groups for this are Expats World Frankfurt, Frankfurt Blabla Language Exchange, and Vivalanga. Toy Town Germany sometimes also offers some groups and events based on different interests. Events like Poetry Slam (for those into poetry) are open to everyone who would like to register. These can be a fun way to meet people, as they are also connected with events such as Jazz Poetry Slam, book readings and workshops. Another option might be doing a German (or another language) course, following music or cooking lessons, which attract a group of people but are also a good way to learn a new activity and to meet up once or twice per week.

Joining the nightlife in Frankfurt

Just going regularly (even alone) to a bar is never a lonely time and will not last long. Most of the places are friendly with a staff that likes to engage in conversation, and becoming a regular in one place will eventually bring friendships. Additionally, it is possible to use platforms like Meetup, which organise events for cool nights out such as Frankfurt Fun Times Meetup, Weisbaden Dinner and Drinks, Music and Nightlife Lovers, and many more.

Volunteering in Frankfurt

Volunteering (especially for students) is another excellent way to meet and to help people and is beneficial as work experience. There is a wide range of things to do like English teaching, social work, or even working at a bio farm in the suburbs of the city. Vostel and Workaway are useful websites with information regarding volunteering activities. The English Theatre in Frankfurt is also always interested in people to help with organisation, translation and even acting. Besides, many church organisations make similar activities and are always in need of help.

There are many ways to meet new people. It is always possible to join a community based on expats from a particular country or to search for a social media community for a specific political or social view. To conclude, it is important to understand that social networks in Frankfurt come easy as a result of action. This means visiting new places and approaching or helping people. The same is for expats and for Germans. When it comes to meeting the locals, knowledge of the language is beneficial, and learning it is worth it as once they feel comfortable, Germans can make good caring and long-lasting friendships.

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