Developing your professional network in Frankfurt

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Updated 2022-11-04 08:36

Developing your professional network will be among the first things to concern you when moving to Frankfurt for work. Most likely, you will have to create a new network unless your company is transferring you to their headquarters or offices in Frankfurt, and you have already been in touch or worked with the team in Frankfurt before, even if it is just remotely.

To develop a professional network, you can start by attending an expat event in Frankfurt or contacting other expats through's Frankfurt forum. In this article, we share some ideas about how to benefit from other people's knowledge in a specific field and increase your chances of developing your career through a helpful network. 

Professional networks for women in Frankfurt

Even though Frankfurt is an international city with great work opportunities, the pay gap remains significant, and, therefore, there are many organizations that constantly work to improve working conditions and opportunities for gender equality. One of them is the Professional Women's Network Frankfurt, which is part of PWN Global, a federation of over 24 professional networks promoting equal opportunities for women and men across all sectors. The network organizes monthly events for members from all over the world. There are two types of membership to PWN Frankfurt: a free one and a premium membership for EUR 100 per year. Similarly, there is the Business Women Network for female entrepreneurs to support each other and exchange ideas, practices, and lessons learned.

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Professional Women's Network Frankfurt

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Events for young entrepreneurs in Frankfurt

Young people at the beginning of their career path can share their energy and motivation and introduce innovative ideas through Wirtschaftsjunioren, which is a community of young professionals below 40 willing to discuss and learn about economics, charity, entrepreneurship, leadership, and international communication. WJ Frankfurt organizes many events, seminars and projects in which you can meet people with similar interests. Despite offering excellent networking opportunities, WJ Frankfurt operates mainly in German, meaning that you have to double-check whether an event will be held in English, for example. 

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Participating in Frankfurt politics

Wirtschaftsrat is an organization for young people who are likely to shape the country's economic and social policies. The organization organizes meetings with important individuals from the German political scene, enabling discussions and suggestions for a better tomorrow. The association is open to companies, independent entrepreneurs, or freelance professionals who are under the age of 35. The fee of contribution can vary between EUR 500 and EUR 980 per person. Additionally, Wirtschaftsrat welcomes members from all sectors, such as finance, healthcare, IT, and business, and is also available in English.

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Events for public speakers in Frankfurt

Fear of performance and public speaking is one the most common fears, even among the most successful people, and can arise no matter the age. One of the best international organizations to support you through your journey of improving your public speaking skills, available in Frankfurt, is Toastmasters, which organizes weekly events and challenges to help people in improving their presentation skills. For the more advanced speakers, Professional Speakers enable people to learn in more profound communication contexts. Rhetorik Club, also available in Frankfurt, is a foundation aspiring to make the world a better place through oral communication but operates mostly in the German language.

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Major networking events in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is a hub for important global events. Messe Frankfurt is the epicenter for these happenings, organized by Frankfurt Trade Fair, which is the largest trade fair company in the world. Fairs and conventions can be found at every corner of the city and can be organized for the purpose of career or promotion. More networking events can be found on's website or by word of mouth. Finding and establishing a professional network is important for future business and professional advancement. In a city like Frankfurt, where individuals continuously come with the purpose of bringing ideas and learning, locating them should not be difficult. Besides, the new contacts can open the horizons to new and innovative ideas.

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