Developing your professional network in Frankfurt

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Updated 2019-10-09 14:02

When moving to a new location, many things need to be done from the beginning, especially when it comes to interaction with people. Building a business network is no exception, and it takes a bit of time to develop good professional connections successfully. To build your professional network in Frankfurt, establishing what the scope of searching for individuals is will be the first step. Whether it is searching for new work opportunities or people to do business with, there are many different ways to get in touch. A city like Frankfurt offers plenty of diverse opportunities, so deciding on a target group is crucial, as it helps with the specific search criteria.

Frankfurt has plenty of places which host a great number of professionals ready to spread their knowledge. It is one of the most visited cities for fairs, concerts and symposiums. Additionally, there are many organisations which have weekly events dedicated to some topic. The combination of technology, many meeting spots and multiculturalism are perfect for getting to know the experts in specific fields.

Professional networks for women in Frankfurt

While being an international city with great opportunities, the pay gap still remains significant in Frankfurt and, therefore, there are many organisations which constantly work to improve working conditions and opportunities towards gender equality. One of them is The Professional Women's Network Frankfurt, which is part of a global PWN federation. The network organises monthly events for members from all over the world. Membership to PWN Frankfurt has two options: a free one which is only a subscription to the newsletter, and a premium one which costs 8.33 euros per month. Similarly, there is the Business Women Network, as well as many autonomous events on Meetup (Women in Tech Frankfurt) and Eventbrite (Women in Mobility).

Events for young entrepreneurs in Frankfurt

Young people at the beginning of their career path want to share their energy and motivation, and to innovate. This can be done thanks to Wirtschaftsjunioren, which is a community of professionals below 40, willing to discuss and learn about economics, charity, entrepreneurship, leadership, and international communication. WJ Frankfurt organises many events, seminars and projects. The organisation offers perfect opportunities to connect; however, it is mainly in German. Round Table (also prevalently German), is a similar youth organisation with the scope of serving a good cause for those in need. The membership doesn't require a fee, but constant attending is necessary.

For those who like to shape the politics

Wirtschaftsrat is an organisation for young people who work towards shaping economic and social policies in the country. This organisation organises meetings with important individuals from the German political scene, enabling discussions and suggestions for better tomorrow. The association is open to companies, independent entrepreneurs or freelance professionals who are under the age of 35. The fee of contribution can vary and be between 500 euros and 980 euros, per person. Additionally, Wirtschaftsrat welcomes members from all sectors, like finance, healthcare, IT or business, and is also available in English.

Events for public speakers in Frankfurt

Fear of performance can arise no matter the age. One of the best international organisations for this, available in Frankfurt, is Toastmasters, which organises weekly events and challenges to help people in improving their presentation skills. For the advanced Toastmasters speakers, Professional Speakers enables people to learn in more profound communication contexts. Rhetorik Club, also available in Frankfurt is a foundation which makes part of Toastmasters but is mostly in the German language.

Major networking events in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is a hub for important global events. Messe Frankfurt is the epicentre for these happenings, organised by Frankfurt Trade Fair, which is the largest trade fair company in the world. Fairs and conventions can be found at every corner of the city and can be organised with the purpose of career or promotion. The Newcomers Network of Hamburg holds the Newcomers Festival meant to help and connect expats. More networking events can be found on websites like Meetup, Eventbrite and F6S.

Finding and establishing a professional network is important for future business and professional advancement. In a city like Frankfurt, where individuals continuously come with the purpose of bringing ideas and learning, locating them should not be difficult. Besides, the new contacts can open the horizons to new and innovative ideas.

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