Job in Frankfurt! Urgent!

Hi guys!
I'm looking for a full/part job in Frankfurt.  Any job lol
If smthgs going on please let me know i would appreciate it! Thanks

:heart: b. Do you want to work in Hamburg ?

What job in Hamburg is?

What visa are you on - and do you have a work permit, so you can work legally?

Yhank you for the reply!
I hold european passport so i have permission to work legally. Education-law. Have experience in administrative field, hospitality. But not about this :) the main issue I think is language barrier. I used to learn german in school but i assumed its not enough to get job in non English country. Thats why im interested in possibilities...

As was posted many times on this forum, knowing German is one of the most important prerequisites to finding a good job in Germany, especially in the hospitality sector. Maybe you can study it for one or two years before looking for work here?

Thanks! Cheers

i can help in some way but i need a help in another side !!! thnks all

As said by Beppi, German is an utmost need in Germany.
There are some English speaking jobs but I doubt that is upto your qualification.
You are highly qualified, may be International law firms can hire you :)

Greetings from Milan.

Hi! I'm looking for also English job in Frankfurt and most of jobs yes... they require a German but it's not  impossible to find something, i think, There are many international companies (agencies) e.g. EIOPA or ECB but it's hard to get even on the interview. If somebody know something about other companies just let me know, please :) I graduated from Administration Studies with Finance Specialisation.