Physician assistant job?

Anyone know if there are physician assistants in Germany and any job openings or where to find them? I will be moving to Frankfurt.
I have checked for army jobs but was unsuccessful and also searched several websites without success.
Any information will be helpful! Thank you!

Of course there are physician assistants in Germany, in all clinics, and related job openings also exist.
You should first check whether your educational background and certification is reciognised in Germany and if not, what you need to do to get certified. This is required to be allowed to work in the medical field.
You are probably also aware that you need a good level of German language skills, because a medical assistant must deal with (German) patients and understand their needs.

Hello, I am in a similar situation. Considering moving to germany and would like to inquire about jobs as a PA. Have you had any luck finding one?
Thanks in advance!

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