Job offer in Frankfurt - help needed!

Hi all!

I've been offered a job in Frankfurt, as a translator.
However, I still haven't decided if I should take it, since I think the salary is not exactly very appealing.
I was offered a contract through a temp agency (I would have to go through a 6 month probation period at the company where I would be working, even though the contract with the temp agency mentions it is indefinite = I think this means they can kick me out anytime, right?).
They're offering me €2700 gross, which, in the agency's words, would mean I would make roughly €1750 to €1900 (maximum) per month. Is this true or would I pay even more taxes? I'm single, with no kids...
I have been consulting many expat forums and sites in order to have an idea of how much you spend in a rent and expenses in Frankfurt, and it seems to me that €1750 is far from being a great salary. Am I wrong?
How much does one spend in a furnished apartment for a single person (1 bedroom, 1 living room, kitchen and bathroom) and also how much does one roughly spend in utilities: water, electricity, heating, gas, telephone, Internet, cable TV?
I have a permanent contract in my country, Portugal, and I make almost the same as what I'm being offered in Germany, hence all these doubts... I would love to live in Germany, though.
Can you actually make a living and support yourself in the second most expensive town in Germany with the above-mentioned salary?

Any help you can provide me with will be highly appreciated!

Thank you very much!


Hi Ana
I have been living 30 mins from Frankfurt for several years and can give some advice.
Re temp agency contract - you have to spend 6 months on Probenzeit during which time you normally cannot take vacation and can be terminated with (usually) 1 month notice. After that, your position is Unbefristet (unlimited) - this means that the company can end your employment but your employer (temp agency) will still pay you and so will actively try to find a new position for you or employee you directly themselves.
Gross versus netto salary sounds about right but check what happens when the tax-free allowance of your salary expires (probably after 3 months).
Re costs, a furnished apartment will cost in range 650-800 € Kalt (before utilities - likely around 100 € a month).
Overall, sounds like a livable salary but less comfortable than you currently have. As food for thought, I have twice taken salary drops when moving country and not regretted either.
Hope this helps,
Best regards