Job offer in Frankfurt - help needed!

Hi all!

I've been offered a job in Frankfurt, as a translator.
However, I still haven't decided if I should take it, since I think the salary is not exactly very appealing.
I was offered a contract through a temp agency (I would have to go through a 6 month probation period at the company where I would be working, even though the contract with the temp agency mentions it is indefinite = I think this means they can kick me out anytime, right?).
They're offering me €2700 gross, which, in the agency's words, would mean I would make roughly €1750 to €1900 (maximum) per month. Is this true or would I pay even more taxes? I'm single, with no kids...
I have been consulting many expat forums and sites in order to have an idea of how much you spend in a rent and expenses in Frankfurt, and it seems to me that €1750 is far from being a great salary. Am I wrong?
How much does one spend in a furnished apartment for a single person (1 bedroom, 1 living room, kitchen and bathroom) and also how much does one roughly spend in utilities: water, electricity, heating, gas, telephone, Internet, cable TV?
I have a permanent contract in my country, Portugal, and I make almost the same as what I'm being offered in Germany, hence all these doubts... I would love to live in Germany, though.
Can you actually make a living and support yourself in the second most expensive town in Germany with the above-mentioned salary?

Any help you can provide me will be highly appreciated!

Thank you very much!


Hello Ana,
Your post is some months old now, so maybe all is solved already. But I wanna give you a quick answer anyway, because I'm from near Frankfurt.
1750 to 1900€ sounds realistic as you're single. That would put you in the worst tax class. But up to 1900€ is not bad in my opinion. Of course it depends on the standard you have in Portugal. But Frankfurt is not so expensive for German standards. Munich, Stuttgart, Hamburg... are all way more expensive. Maybe you could check That's a good page to check apartment prices. A nice single apartment or Studio should be available for around 400-500. Two room apartment maybe 600 to 650. At least that's what friends of mine pay. Of course you need to make some effort finding something nice. Areas around Berger Straße, Sachsenhausen or generally not too far from Konstablerwache and Hauptwache are quite nice!
Furnished apartments are generally not as common as in other countries though. But maybe paying less rent and just rent a car and buy basic equipment at Ikea is cheaper afterall.
Hope that helps. If you have more questions let me know.

hola a todos

soy española mi nombre es veronica tengo 25 años, y estoy buscando un trabajo en alemania de hosteleria o limpieza cualquier empleo que me ayude a aprender mas el idioma yo actualmente tengo un nivel muy basico de aleman.
os agradeceria  cualquier informacion sobre el nivel economico que abri de llebar para ir alemania,en que sector podria ser mas facil encontrar trabajo, encuanto estan los sueldos en el sector de hosteleria.

Hi all i am spanischen mein Name ist Veronica Ich bin 25 Jahre, und ich suche Arbeit in Deutschland von Gastfreundschaft oder Reinigung jede Arbeit, mir zu helfen, Lernen Sie mehr Sprache, die ich derzeit eine sehr schlechte deutsch. os Agradeceria Alle Informationen auf wirtschaftlicher Ebene, abri von llebar zu gehen Deutschland, in diesem Bereich kann mehr leicht, Arbeit zu finden, sind die Löhne in den Sektor der Gastfreundschaft.

gracias un saludo

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