Looking for a job in Frankfurt Airport

am New in Frankfurt am looking for a job in Airport. I speak good Germany i did Airticketing. M JUST BORED AT HOME AND AM LOOKING FOR THIS JOB DESPARATELY. iF YOU KNOW ANYTHING OR ANY CONTACTS ILL APPRECIATE. LOVELY DAY.

Hi and welcome on the forum mandym!

I can recommend you this article from our participative guide which can be helpful!
You can also post an advert with your professional profile in the jobs section of Frankfurt classifieds.

Wish you the best of luck

Thanks for this.

hi and welcome on the forum mandym.now i'warkihg dubai rak air port.i like warkihg fraport phlce gine me job.i like warkig airport agnt bagght loding

Hi dineshindika,

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Can you please write in English on the English Forum so as we can understand your post and give you a better guidance

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I am afraid it was meant to be English ...
(I had to read it three times to start recognising single words!)
This is either a good joke or a complete fool.