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Everything you need to know to work in Frankfurt
Working in Frankfurt
Frankfurt is a city full of professional expats due to its identity as the financial center of Germany and one of Europe's most prosperous cities despite its small size. If you are serious about joining Frankfurt's labor market, chances are you will come across several work opportunities that will take your career to the next level.
Frankfurt's labour market
Frankfurt has a strong and healthy labor market, as it is Germany's financial center and the largest city in the Hessen state. Thus, the most available jobs in Frankfurt are senior roles in the economic sector, which thrives in the city's center, in the Bankenviertel area with the skyscrapers, known as Mainhattan. Frankfurt is also home to the European Central Bank and the German Central Bank (Bundesbank).
The work culture in Frankfurt
Frankfurt has a prosperous economy and offers a great environment for multinational companies to establish their headquarters and regional offices in the city. Given the diversity of sectors that thrive in Frankfurt (e.g., media, advertising, financial sector, etc.) and the number of professional expats and foreign talent in the city, the work culture in Frankfurt is a mix of influences and is characterized by flexibility and mutual respect.
Summer jobs in Germany
The summer season in Germany begins in June and lasts until the end of August. These three months of the year offer an opportunity for various summer jobs in different sectors (e.g., hospitality, agriculture, education, etc.). However, seasonal jobs can be competitive due to the high demand, especially among students and young adults, flexibility for employees, and their short-term nature.
Finding a job in Germany from abroad
Entering Germany's dynamic labor market is a promising career boost for many expats who want to be part of a thriving economy and establish their careers in a country with ever-growing industrial production, significant exports worldwide, and quality working conditions. With one of the lowest unemployment rates, Germany is a popular expat destination among expats-to-be who want to find work before arriving in Germany.
Obtaining professional recognition in Germany
Certain professions in Germany are regulated and can only be practiced after the qualifications obtained abroad have been recognized in Germany to ensure that a certain standard of knowledge and experience is maintained.
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