English speaking jobs for PhysiotherapiSt in Frankfurt and Germany

Does anyone know if there is a demand for English speaking PhysiotherapiSt in Germany? Particularly Frankfurt?
Many thanks

Hi Alice,

I am also looking for information on this, have you had any luck?

No I am still researching. I am waiting to hear back from a friend of a friend about it who is a physiotherapists also.
Have you any luck?


Hi both - I suspect not much chance without speaking German as well.

Basically all customer-facing jobs in Germany require good German language skills - and especially in a medical-related profession it is essential that you can understand your clients well.
Without it, I guess, you are limited to certain niches like working on US military bases.

Hi Alice,
to be a physiotherapist in Germany you definitely need to speak the lingo, however, there is a cronic shortage of Krankenpfleger i.e. nurses. IWhereas  have no idea whether you might get further qualification as a nurse with your knowedge of physiotherpy  it might be worth doing some research there. The shortage is so massive that you just might get by with some very basic German skills.

Nurses ("Krankenpfleger") need to have a three year apprenticeship and reasonable German skills.
Nursing assistants ("Krankenpflegehelfer") only need a few weeks course and almost no German, but they are paid very little.

I see this post is from a few years ago. Did you end up having any luck? I'm in a similar boat, US trained PT looking to move with my spouse (german citizen) back to Germany and work.