Looking for a job in Frankfurt

Hello all,
My name is Alexandra I'm currently in Greece and searching for a job in Frankfurt but i find it hard to find any from here.
So my questions are :
- How easy or possible is for a non German speaker to find something to do in Frankfurt?! (i speak Greek & English fluent)
- Is there somewhere in Frankfurt a place which i can learn fast and free the German language?

Thank you in advance,

Hi Alexandra,

Why Frankfurt ?

Frankfurt is expensive !

Hello Alexandra./

Welcome to Expat.com! :)

I invite you to read these articles on Work in Germany.

The Jobs in Frankfurt section is at your disposal as well. You can post an advert there.

Good luck in your research,

I choose Frankfurt because i Have friends who live there and can help at start (at least) .
I didn't think it was expensive , it is a lot cheaper than Greece!
So what do you think about my questions??