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Hi Everybody,

I will be moving to Frankfurt shortly, and I have been looking for a job for such long time and till nothing has come up.

I currently emplyed by an IT Company with more than 6 years of experience in the field, but I don;t speak German unofrtunately, but I speak 3 languages .

Do you guys have any advice of how can get something in there?


Hi Dottortroiani,

Welcome on board :)

You should post your resume in the IT & Telecommunications jobs in Frankfurt section please :)

Best of luck to you !

Thank you

Expat-blog Team

Thanks a lot :)

hey everybody,
Next month i'm moving to Frankfurt for good.
I'm looking for a job...i speak good french and English and a little German.
I'm going to start a German course next month.I have experience in tourism industries i was a tourist guide in my country.
What you advice me to do?i was thinking maybe a job at the airport.

Thanks in advance

Hi sucrerie,

Please post an advert in the Hotel job offers in Frankfurt section, this might surely help.



Expat-blog team.


My name is Andrew and I have been living in Köln for a couple months now. I have been applying for jobs in the financial services industry, both in Frankfurt and Düsseldorf, but have had little success. I speak English and a little German, but have many years of work experience. Does anyone have any tips/tricks or recommendations for me?

Thank you!

Do you need a visa to work in Germany? How are you applying? To specific adverts or initiative?
In english or german? and with a german style or US style resume?

Thanks for the reply Vroni.

I will not need a work visa. I am applying online to job postings. I am submitting a CV and cover letter in English. I am using an American style. My German friend told me that it would be ok to apply with English documents if the job posting is in English and the if the position requires fluency in English. As I mentioned before though, I have not had any luck with call backs and received only "no's" for months now... :-/

Any recommendations?

Contrary to the USA style of CVs, which forbids any picture attached, in Germany you HAVE TO attach a picture of yourself.

Thanks for the good advice here!

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Hallo,I read your post about employment here in Germany .I am new here in Germany coming direct from USA.  I am currently undergoing the same issues.Have you got a job?how was your  job interview in German.I am in the middle of constructing my resume in German format.Lol ..It is very interesting.