How do you find an english speaking job in Frankfurt?

Hi there,
There is a great possibility i will be moving to Frankfurt in 2 months from now and although i have a good job set for myself, my husband is quite worried.
He works as an external auditor and unfortunately he does not speak German.
Can anybody provide some feedback as to how easy or difficult is to find an English speaking job in Frankfurt? He is flexible regarding the job. He is interested in audit jobs, controller and project manager jobs.
He will be getting support to get a job from my company but still......


Hi and welcome to Konstantina!

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Cool thanks, for a minute i thought it dissapeared :)


With his skill-set he should try Pricewaterhousecoopers in Frankfurt.  Goto, careers to search for opportunities.  I currently work there and only speak English.

Aside............per chance will you be looking for a place to live in the city of Frankfurt?  I have a nice sized flat with both a winter garden AND a rpivate courtyard in the heart of Sachsenhausen right near the Schweizer Platz Ubahn stop. It is on the first floor. Plus in walking distance to the Mein River. All my Frankfurt friends who come to visit tell me I live in the gem of Frankfurt and my flat is lovely!

Also, I entirely furnished the flat in 2012.  EVERYTHING is new a barely used.  I have everything from a Samsung 46' LED TV, Bosch washer/dryer, (2) schranks, dining table, work/computer desk, sofa's light and all ammenties for a kitchen.

Unexpectedly I MUST reutrn to the US.

If interested, please let me know.


[email protected]

Hi Pamela
Thanks for your reply. I would be interested to see the flat but I will know the date I am moving around September. Please give me some more info please ie. square meters, number of bedrooms etc.  thanks again for the advice, it's very valuable to us as job issues are the most important ones for us.

I am looking for English job also as a Nursing Assistant or Healthare and Medical related jobs. Please help.

Hi, i live in celle and speak very good english. My german is not so good and therefore i am looking for an english speaking job, i would not mind anything in honnover if i find one. Please help me guys.



hello evrybody
iam now 2 mounths ago in frankfurt and still without job i'm doing german kurs but i need a job or enternship in mechanic auto or any job and i dont talk good german any help please

Hi, not to make u feel bad but the thing here in Germany is one has to have a better command of the language to be qualified for a good job. I for one was called by a company and fixed a date for an interview but the moment the caller asked if i spoke good german and my answer was not so good, three minutes later i got a mail saying the interview has been cancelled because i dont have a good command of the language.

I would say u perfect your command of the language and the sky would be your limit when it comes to jobs here in Germany.

Have a beautiful day.


I agree with Stephanie, it depends on the company -there are a lot international companies Frankfurt, but even they require german at some point-thus many Expats do the B1 or B2 level german test in order to get a job of their desire. It would be a good investment to visit a german course.
Good luck!

yes thankyou stephanie and la vagabonde you are both right and i'm already doing german curses but i dont know if b1 will be enough or i must get b2

Hahaha, yea me too. I am done with b1 and would be writing my certificate exam this friday but u know what? Its not just going to come to u all at once, it takes time and practice. One thing u should know is no matter how wrong u conjugate or make wrong sentences,just keep going at it without being shy of what the next person would say or think. Its not your mother tongue, its just an interesting language u need to learn to be able to live a happy life here in Germany.

Lots of fun.


yes stephanie you are right and i wish u best of luck in your exam

Thanks kriimo.

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