anyone wants to learn Japanese? (Frankfurt)

Hello, I've just arrived in Frankfurt am Main and I'm willing to teach Japanese in my free time. Or I can find any part-time job which requires Japanese skill.
I am fluent in Japanese, Korean and English. I don't speak German at all but if you interested in, we can also exchange our language knowledge.

I will be free on every Monday and weekends.

also, I'm looking for a room (WG) in the central part of this city.

If you have any information about this, or if you are currently looking for a flat mate, please mail me.

Thank you.


I'm a British girl here in Frankfurt. I lived in Japan for 3 years. I speak Japanese well but I'm interested in learning Korean too. Would you be up for teaching that too?

Hope to hear back from you!

Hello karenkim.

Welcome to

You can offer your services by putting an advert in the language classes section in Frankfurt classifieds.

For your job search, you can post an advert in the jobs in Frankfurt section in the sector you want to exercise.

Concerning the accommodation, you can also post an advert in the housing in Frankfurt section.

Thank you and good luck,