Looking for english speaking job in Germany

Hello everybody

My name is Mariam, and i will be a fresh graduate in December 2014. I am currently looking for a job in Germany the issue is that my German is only in a communication level. I study Master of Business Administration and Information Systems, and I am looking for IT consulting, management, junior/senior -like jobs, in case anyone can help me to contact the right company, please feel free to write me back.

Kind regards

Hi Mariam,

Welcome on board :)

I suggest you browse through the Jobs in Frankfurt section and drop your resume in the work sector that you feel more comfortable doing please :)

Best of luck to you with everything !

Thank you

Expat-blog Team

Hi Mariam
I worked for some years for the British Army of the Rhine (BAOR) but that's nearly extinct now, however the US Army & Air Force still maintain a very large presence in the south mostly with thousands of directly employed civilians, you could start your search there?