Choosing your neighbourhood in Frankfurt

Frankfurt neighborhood
Updated 2024-05-06 14:07

Frankfurt is an international city and an important financial center in Europe, and each neighborhood has a story to tell. Accommodation in Frankfurt is affordable, and depending on your needs and lifestyle, you can opt for staying close to the city center or withdraw from the hustle and bustle of the city and find peace in the suburbs.

Frankfurt is a very green city thanks to the Frankfurt Green Belt (Frankfurter Grüngürtel), a protected forested area of about 8,000 hectares that surrounds the city. Using the Frankfurt public transportation or biking is a convenient way to reach the most beautiful neighborhoods, such as Westend, Nordend, Innenstadt, Bockenheim, Sachsenhausen, Ostend, Bornheim, Gallus, and Europaviertel.


Westend is located close to the city's financial area and is one of the wealthiest districts. It is mostly famous among bankers, wealthy families, and expats who are employed in the financial sector. This area, and especially its northern part, has beautiful parks and greenery. Even if you don't live there, places such as the Grüneburgpark or any of the nice restaurants and bars in the area are great locations for meeting with friends or relaxing with the family.


Nordend is located east of Westend and is a very local and picturesque corner of the city. It offers tradition, green streets, and colorful facades and is a popular area among artists and activists. Today, Nordend is very diverse and offers plenty of fun places such as restaurants, wine bars, and pizzerias. Nordend has excellent schools and is perfect for families with children.


Innenstadt (i.e., inner city) is the real city center and the financial bull's eye for all the banks and institutions. This part of the city has Zeil Street, which is one of the longest shopping streets in Germany, offering many haute couture boutiques. Innenstadt is home to many bars, cafés, and restaurants, as well as wine vendors and food stands on the weekends and holidays. This neighborhood hosts the elegant society of Frankfurt, meaning it's very difficult to find reasonably priced rent here. 


Bockenheim is one of the most populated districts in Frankfurt and is ideal for students and those living on a budget. The area is perfectly connected to all the other parts of the city. The main street is Leipziger Strasse, which offers many avant-garde pubs and bars. This area also has many parks and some traditional bohemian houses.


Sachsenhausen is divided into two parts: Sachsenhausen Nord and Sud. Sachsenhausen Nord is, in turn, divided into two main areas, the modern one and the old historical part. The modern one is the side of the Schweizer Straße, which is generally quiet, has many boutiques, and has a beautiful view. The old historical part (Alt Sachsenhausen) is home to many epochal buildings, bars, and pubs. Sachsenhausen is one of the most attractive rental destinations, especially for students. Nevertheless, the area can be very expensive for rentals — in fact, it has some of the most expensive apartments in Frankfurt.


Ostend is a nice neighborhood that has gone through some drastic changes in the past two decades. From an industrial area, it became what is today the modern and comfortable part of the city. Also, it maintains relatively lower rents compared to other parts of Frankfurt. Ostend is quiet, with classy houses and many restaurants and bars which are not too expensive for a relaxed night out. For those who like outdoor fun, Ostend is close to the Schweldersee Pond and the Frankfurt Zoo.


Bornheim is close to Nordend and is the liveliest district of all, with plenty of places to visit. On the weekends, Bornheim hosts markets with typical artisanal products. This quarter has the largest concentration of bars in the city and, therefore, there's a lot of partying. Bornheim is the absolute favorite among young people who like to enjoy the city all day and night.


Gallus is the surrounding area of the main railway station, which has become famous for the new quarter called Europaviertel. This development project, close to the financial area, offers new and modern buildings for offices, hotels, and housing. Europaviertel is modern and relatively affordable compared to the other favorite neighborhoods, and it is convenient for short-term residents who need proximity to the financial area.

Good to know

Other than the central areas, Frankfurt offers plenty of other options which are further away from the city. Some of these places offer the comfort of having cheaper rent and good public transportation to reach every area.

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