Accommodation and cost of living in Frankfurt

Hi All,

I am moving to Frankfurt on Feb27th 2017. Can some one please help me to find Indian sharing rooms for 1-3 months stay? Also, would like to know the cost of living in Frankfurt.

Hi Pavankumarmscit,

You should try to post an ad in the Housing in Frankfurt > accommodation sharing section. And try to view some topics on cost of living in Frankfurt here : … kfurt.html

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Since the majority of people in Germany are NOT Indian, you should widen your search to share an apartment with them too (unless you have very good reasons to only want to stay with Indians - in which case I question your choice of moving out of your country).
The costs can also be assessed on - but keep in mind that your lifestyle, expectations and spending choices can cause a very wide range of monthly budgets (from, say EUR800/month, which is the absolute minimum to survive, to EUR3000/month, which is reasonable for a couple or family).

Thank you very much Christine. As per your suggestion, i have posted my add just now and waiting for reply from the folks:-).

Thank you for the suggestion Beppi. I would make sure to keep the suggested funds.