Accommodation and other living details in Frankfurt

Hi All, I am an Indian working woman and my company is deputing me to Frankfurt. My office is in Messe area. I plan to live alone there. What are the nearby neighbourhoods that are lively and safe for a woman to live alone. Where does the IT crowd in the city stay? Are Indian food items available easily? Also most importantly is 1800 euros enough for a comfortable living in Frankfurt?


Yes, the amount you mentioned is enough for a  comfortable stay. It will cover your fooding and accomodation expenses. Indian restaurants are available at almost every corner. You will find Ruchi restaurant in Ludwig strasse providing good food at affordable cost. There are many restaurants opposite Hauptbahnhof.

Frankfurt is very safe city and usually people doesn't interfere to other and are very helping. The only issue is language which could be a challenge. Somehow you have to manage to make them understand what exactly you wish. But anyways life is quite easy and public transport system is very good. You can take monthly RMV pass of 81 euro for unlimited trips within city. You can use any mode of transport of RMV. Its is valid for 24 hrs. There is another monthly pass of 63 euro which is valid after 9AM morning.

IT crowd is scattered all over. Mostly they live around hauptbahnhof. and some live little far area due to low rental.

For any other information, let me now. I feel good to provide my experience and information that I have.

And also please be careful of drunker and druggist. As this city gives full liberty to booze in public so it is a heaven for them. Usually they don"t bother you but precaution is always better, Have a good and safe stay!!

Thanks for your reply chasing star.gnit .. I have read on net that it is really difficult to rent an apartment. Is that so? This is worrying me a bit. It will be helpful if you can give me names of some good neighborhoods.