Rent a house

Hi , my son will admit school in Frankfurt , this October . I'm looking for 2 bedrooms house or apartment , my budget not more than €600 per month. Anyone can recommend ? Thank you in advance

Hi Dewi.soh,

Regarding accommodation : we will invite you to please drop an advert in the Properties for rent in Frankfurt section :)

Thank you


Hi Dewi,

The housing market in Western German big cities is generally difficult (and expensive).
Landlords are conservative and will not offer you their place before meeting you in person - and neither should you agree to take a place without having viewed it.
Also, renting cycles are long and most places are advertised and taken up by new tenants right after the old ones submit their termination - since termination notices are 3 months and longer (by law), this means you usually need to sign the rental contract many weeks before you can actually move in. Take a German speaking friend along for the negotiations and checking of the rental contract!
You did not mention whether you are in Frankfurt already now, but if you aren't you should wait with your apartment search until after arrival - and arrange temporary accommodation for the initial time (e.g. hotel or serviced apartment).
Check the local "Mietspiegel" (an official survey of rent levels) to se if your budget is realistic - I am not familiar with Frankfurt prices. I hope you have (or are prepared to buy) your own furniture and fittings, as German apartments generally come without - furnished places are rare and very expensive. Also keep in mind that on top of the basic rent ("Kaltmiete") you'd have to pay utility and other charges, which will probably amount to €100-200/month. And a security deposit equivalent to three months rent is also usually required.