Accomodation difficulties

I just want to inform the people who arrive to germany.

Bfore arriving to germany,it will be goo,if we booka a apartment.
The rooms/apartments are not easy to get  here.
proper planing is required.

some websites are there and google map is there to give about the location infos.

so,plan accordingly

Since finding a place to stay can take a few weeks to months in Germany, it is indeed a good idea for a new arrival to arrange temporary accommodation (in a hotel, hostel or B&B) first.
However, it is NOT a good idea to rent a permanent place before arrival. There are too many SCAMS around!
I just talked to a guy who, before arrival, found a place in Berlin, even talked to the landlady by phone, agreed to rent and sent a deposit by wire transfer. He then found out that the apartment does not exist and she was a SCAMMER. He has basically no chance to get his money back!
The best advise is to only rent a place after having visited it and met the landlord. Even then, be careful and NEVER send money before signing a written rental contract!

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