Things to do in Frankfurt alone, with your partner or with family

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Updated 2019-10-09 14:46

Frankfurt is a great city with plenty of places to visit, whether it is during the week or for a weekend. It is multinational, fast-paced and full of expats and Germans who believe in the opportunities it offers. The city has a very strong business vibe, but also areas that provide pure enjoyment. Every expat has a personal story which shapes their preferences of going out, but Frankfurt has it all: it is a family city, a cool place to meet new people and offers romantic vibes for the love birds. The only thing up to the newcomers is to discover.

Winters in Frankfurt can seem less interesting, as most of them are rainy and cold (less than the Northern German cities). Summertime, on the contrary, is fun to go out but can become very hot as well. The days when most of the people have the will to do activities all the time are during springtime or autumn. However, events happen all year long, and there are always ideas for those who seek them.

Things to do in Frankfurt with your family

During nice and sunny days, the city looks greener than ever and offers great moments to relax and to enjoy the simplicity of nature. There are many outdoor spaces, parks and gardens which allow this. Below are some of the best:

Waldspielpark Goetheturm

Waldspielpark Goetheturm is a beautiful park with slides, swings, miniature golf, a small pool and space for roller skating. It is excellent for small kids and easily reachable with bus line 48.


Rothschildpark is located close to the opera and is a very calm, quiet and relaxing place in the middle of the rush. It is excellent for resting on a work break for those working in the nearby banks.


Palmengarten is the most extensive garden in Germany. It contains a large amount of exotic and local plants and is beautiful for visiting with a family. In addition, the garden has thematic weeks based on the time of the year for the flowers, which offer a magical experience.

Alter Flugplatz Bonames

Alter Flugplatz Bonames is an old airport which, today, is a fantastic place for outdoor sports like skating or biking. It can be reached by canoeing or by biking along the Nidda River. Alter Flugplatz is fun for families as well as for couples.


The Pinkelbaum or the peeing tree which is an artistic project that says: “For 300 years I was pissed at, starting today I piss back”. The tree sprays with water its visitors and with that makes them laugh. The Pinkelbam is located close to the lake Jacobiweihel and is a fun attraction to visit with children.

Things to do in Frankfurt with your partner

Kaiserdom St. Bartholomäus, shows its 95-meter high medieval tower, which offers a fantastic view. Reaching the top has to be done by foot and may be a bit tiring, but very rewarding.

Main Tower is 200m tall and offers the best view of the region. The visit needs to be booked in advance, and the view is best at sunset.

Things you can do alone in Frankfurt

  • Schloss Höchst is an old castle which also hosts a summer festival which offers plenty of fun.
  • The Goethe House is the birthplace and family home of Johann Wolfgang Goethe, one of the most prominent German authors.
  • Naturkundemuseum Senckenberg is a large Natural History Museums, which is an opportunity to learn about palaeontology and biology. It's entertaining to visit alone or with your family.
  • The Städel Museum is the oldest museum in Germany, which presents many important art pieces like Bacon, Dürer, Boticelli and many others.
  • Klassikstadt is a place that every Sunday organises the promotion of some of the best oldtimers in Frankfurt. The entrance is free and gives insights to automobile manufacturing and a great exposition of car pictures. Visiting Klassikstadt is also fun to do with kids.

Frankfurt is a great business and entertainment hub daily, gathering people to see its fun and insightful attractions. Being alone means never being lonely and exploring it with a family or a partner means plenty of opportunities for impressing your loved ones.

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