Sports and fitness in Frankfurt

Updated 2022-11-09 16:05

Sports and physical activity are highly valued by the people of Frankfurt, who recognize that productivity and success at work call for a balanced lifestyle, including self-care, leisure, and physical health. Hence, the city has numerous venues for (watching and doing) sports and undertaking recreational activities, varying from going to the gym and doing martial arts to marathon races.

Whether you are someone who likes to keep fit, watch sports for the sake of having fun and socializing, or are an active individual for whom sports are a way of life, Frankfurt has hundreds of sports halls, a competitive football team, and disciplined citizens who incorporate exercising to their everyday lives from a very young age.  

Swimming and football in Frankfurt

Besides being an excellent opportunity for developing your social network in Frankfurt, sports are important for your mental health, happiness, self-esteem, and of course, physical health. We know how stressful an expatriation journey can be and how demanding it is to adjust to life in a new city like Frankfurt. Doing sports and including exercise in your daily or weekly routine will help you have a better quality of life, and Frankfurt has the conditions (e.g., sports facilities and sports events) to help you create long-lasting healthy habits. 

One of the most preferred recreational sports is swimming, maybe thanks to the many indoor and outdoor swimming pools dotted all over Frankfurt, swimming's proclaimed health benefits and the fact that it doesn't need much organization and can be practiced solo. If you feel that you wish to improve your swimming skills or learn the technique of swimming, you can take swimming classes with a tutor. Day tickets and spontaneous entries (note that some swimming pools require advance booking) cost around five euros, depending on the time of the day. If you plan to swim regularly, it might be better to enquire about member cards, which offer discounts and other benefits (e.g., access to the sauna). 

Recreational football on artificial turf is probably the most popular sport for those who wish to interact with friends or meet new people. However, four-to-four or five-to-five games require some planning as you will need to collect the people and agree on the time and day of the game. Maybe a good way to expand your social network and organize the kick is to express your interest in the Frankfurt forum and see what response you will receive. 

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Winter and indoor sports in Frankfurt

In the winter, ice skating is practiced all over the city at affordable fees (note that you can bring your own skates or rent them), making it a great seasonal activity for the whole family. Private training is available at some ice rinks at extra cost, but we think it is worth familiarising yourself with this sport if you are planning to stay in northern Europe for a while. Those looking for more conventional ways to exercise, such as yoga and pilates studios and gyms, will be happy to know that the city is crowded with facilities that offer excellent options to get in shape. The good thing is that there are gyms and studios for most budgets, usually starting from 50 euros per month. Bouldering is another great indoor sport, and many gyms offer lessons for children and adults. Monthly tickets are around 35 euros for children and 60 euros for adults.

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If you are studying in Frankfurt, check with your university what teams they have and their sports facilities as you will surely be entitled to discounts and special offers. 

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Watching sports in Frankfurt

Frankfurt hosts some of the most prominent sports associations, such as the German Olympic Sports Confederation, The German Gymnastics Federation, and The German Football Association. Additionally, the city organizes a great number of international competition events, such as the Frankfurt Marathon, European IRONMAN Frankfurt, and the Frankfurt City Triathlon. If you want to attend any of these big events, you will have to plan and ensure you purchase your tickets on time. Besides the highly sought-after events, during the winter, the Eissporthalle ice rink regularly organizes ice hockey matches, with tickets costing around six euros. The Commerzbank Arena also has great events, such as the Bundesliga football home games. Tickets can be purchased online and cost between 25 and 50 euros. The Commerzbank Arena also offers screens projections of the UEFA CUP, which is a priority all over the city.

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Urban nature in Frankfurt

Frankfurt offers a lot of green spaces (e.g., meadows, parks, orchards, open spaces) and a diverse natural landscape with the Main River running through the city. Frankfurt is an ideal city for daily sports activities such as jogging, walking, and cycling thanks to the many parks it has, including one of Europe's most renowned botanical gardens, Palmengarten. Besides, Frankfurt has over 14 hectares of urban forest inside the city — a rather unusual setting for such a densely populated, modern metropolis. The forest has a 450-kilometer network of walking, hiking, and cycling paths amid the beautiful nature with its fauna and flora. 

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Main River offers opportunities for water sports, such as stand-up paddling and windsurfing. Some of the clubs are: MAIN-SUP Stand Up Paddling Frankfurt, Stand-up Paddling, and Windsurfing Shop Rhein-Main. Along the river, there are many rowing clubs, such as Frankfurter Germania RG 1869 and Frankfurter Ruder-Club 1884. Participation usually requires a membership fee and a monthly payment.

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