Sports in Frankfurt

sports in Frankfurt
Updated 2019-10-09 14:41

Sport and physical activity are essential in peoples' everyday lives. A city like Frankfurt that follows the corporate world needs moments of relaxation. Luckily, this is the case, and the city has numerous options for sports and recreational activities. These can vary from going to the gym to doing martial arts and marathon races. Frankfurt has (and contributes to) a large number of venues for practising and watching sports. The options are limitless and for every taste, from amateurs who like to cool off of work, to professionals who make sports their life passion.

Sport is a way of living, and this is taken seriously in Frankfurt. Locals make activities their life dedication. The good weather conditions contribute even more to the interest in outdoor activities all year round. Practising sport is not too expensive (depending on the activity) and is available in all neighbourhoods. The only choice is to play or to watch.

Playing sports in Frankfurt

Sports are fun, even more so if done in a team. Frankfurt offers plenty of options to join a team and have regular meetings (once or twice per week). Sports venues are available in every area.


Swimming facilities are available all over the city. Some like Hallenbad Höchst, Titus Thermen and Rebstockbad are are indoor pools, and others like Brentanobad, Freibad Nieder-Eschbach, Freibad Silo, Freibad Stadion and Freibad Eschersheim are open. Swimming pools offer options for recreational swimming, joining a team or taking a course. Courses cost around 100 euros per month and recreational entrances between 5.50 euros and 7.50 euros, depending on the time of the day.


Football is a great activity to meet a new group of friends. Some of the popular places for playing football in Frankfurt are Real Sport Entertainment, Soccer Point, and Sportband Hafenpark. Prices vary between 30 and 60 euros per hour, depending on the time of the day and the day of the week. It is also possible to join an organisation like Celebreak, which connects football players.

Ice skating

Ice skating and ice hockey are practised all over the city in winter times. There are some very nice halls that offer 5 euros entrance for recreational skating. Eissporthalle Frankfurt, Mainzer Eisbahn, and Eissporthalle Darmstadt are some examples.

Watching sports in Frankfurt

Frankfurt hosts some of the most prominent sports associations like the German Olympic Sports Confederation, The German Gymnastics Federation and The German Football Association. Additionally, the city organises a great number of international competition events. Frankfurt Marathon, European IRONMAN Frankfurt, Frankfurt City Triathlon are some of the most popular events. You can watch these but also take part in their period of the year.

Eissporthalle regularly organises ice hockey matches, with tickets costing around 6 euros. The Commerzbank Arena also has great events to see, like the Bundesliga home games. Tickets can be purchased online and cost between 25 and 50 euros. The Commerzbank Arena also offers screens projections of the UEFA CUP, which is a priority all over the city.

Relaxation in Frankfurt

Urban sports

The city offers a lot of greenery, which makes it comfortable for going for a casual run, bike or exercise in the parks or around the neighbourhoods. Besides, many groups organise events like “sight-jogging”, which means running in many different locations to see some of the best Frankfurt sightings. Skating is another good and famous option, as there are skating tours, called Tuesday Night Skating at Harbour Park, which allows you to roam around the city in a new way.

Water sports

River Main offers opportunities for water sports like stand up paddling, and windsurfing for around 50 euros per hour. Some of the clubs are: MAIN-SUP Stand Up Paddling Frankfurt, Stand-up Paddling, Windsurfing Shop Rhein-Main. Along River Main are located many rowing clubs like Frankfurter Germania RG 1869 and Frankfurter Ruder-Club 1884. Participation usually requires a membership fee and around 20 euros monthly.

Indoor sports

For those who are interested in gyms, yoga, pilates and indoor sports, the city is crowded with beautiful facilities that offer excellent options to get in shape. Prices (depending on the gym and package) start from 50 euros.

Bouldering is another great indoor sport, which is on the rise since the past few years. Many gyms offer lessons for children, but it is also a fun way for adults to get in shape. Boulder places in Frankfurt are Bouldering Frankfurt, Dynochrom, Climbing Center Frankfurt, T-Hall Kletterhalle. Monthly tickets are around 35 euros for children and 60 euros for adults.

Most of the students and children have their own sports activities organised at university or school, and they are usually entitled for discounts. Given this large amount of opportunities for every age, it is safe to confirm that Frankfurt is a real sports city that won't disappoint those who are addicted to moving.

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