Student life in Frankfurt

student life in Frankfurt
Updated 2024-05-06 10:25

Frankfurt ranks among the top preferences of international students who want to study in Germany. The city not only offers world-class study programs and significant employment opportunities to fresh graduates, but it also guarantees fun and unique student life experiences, as studying in Frankfurt doesn't mean just holding a book and striving for good grades.

In fact, the city has a way of inviting you to make the most of it, regardless of your personality, as it has something for every taste. Whether you are into nightlife and clubbing, day trips, or sports, Frankfurt will keep you engaged and active. Frankfurt has six universities, including one of Germany's largest universities, the Goethe University Frankfurt, with about 48,000 students. Hence, a large number of the city's population are students, of which many are international students, meaning that it won't be difficult to meet English speakers. Are you ready for the experience that will change your life forever?

Student networking in Frankfurt

You will discover a very diverse city. Expats in Frankfurt enjoy an international environment in which they can meet people from all walks of life. Similarly, on university campuses, students will have the opportunity to exchange and share knowledge and insights with classmates from all over the world. Some of these new connections and friendships may last for a lifetime. During the early days of your studies, you might be hesitant to start conversations with new people. However, all universities host special social events to help students meet and run organizations and clubs for different interests (e.g., visiting cultural sights, environment and climate change, sports, campus news, book clubs, etc.) where you can meet like-minded people. Additionally, the city offers many networking opportunities where expats can get to know each other, but for more information, keep an eye on the friendly Frankfurt forum or start a conversation by asking a question or making a suggestion or comment.

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Sports activities in Frankfurt are an excellent way to make new friends, and as a student, you will get a discount on most of the facilities in Frankfurt.

Student discounts in Frankfurt

The general cost of living for students in Frankfurt for supplies, leisure, health, and groceries is around 550 euros and 400 euros for accommodation. However, students are entitled to many discounts in leisure centers, sports facilities, retail shops, transportation, and restaurants. Hence, if unsure, it is worth checking if any student discounts apply, as it is more common than you may think and can help with your monthly budget. Some museums are free for students, and those who like to visit museums often can get a MuseumsuferCard, which costs 89 euros and offers free entry to most museums in the city for one year. So, remember to always carry your student card with you and enjoy the student discounts! Students can also get the International Student Identity Card, which costs 15 euros and gives many discounts on flights, travel insurance, and accommodation.

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Nightlife in Frankfurt

The city center has an abundance of bars and restaurants. However, some of these places can be damaging to a student's budget. That's why students have created their own hang-out spots in areas such as Bockenheim, which is full of more affordable but equally fun bars and alternative cafés. For those interested in staying out longer, Kleine Bockenheimer Straße has some great jazz clubs. Bornheim is another great area, with relaxing beer gardens serving Apfelwein and a pleasant atmosphere. Sachsenhausen has the best Kneipen (traditional German bars) for having a drink or two with friends.

Student accommodation in Frankfurt

Finding accommodation in Frankfurt can be a challenge, as the demand is very high, and homeowners are fussy and hard to please. Hence, to avoid sealing a bad deal and ensure that you get the most for your money, it is crucial to start searching for accommodation as soon as you receive your offer letter from the university. Lucky students manage to find accommodation in student residences, which costs between 400 and 450 euros per month. However, this option is limited. Shared flats are the most popular housing among students in Frankfurt, as it gives students peace of mind and a lot of space for their money. Studio flats in good areas cost around 1,200 euros and above, while two-bedroom apartments start from 1,600 euros. Some neighborhoods in Frankfurt, such as Ostend and Bockenheim, can offer more affordable options. Frankfurt is a student-friendly city, and while accommodation costs are high, the expenses in student-preferred neighborhoods are affordable.

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Internships in Frankfurt

Internships in Germany are an excellent opportunity to earn professional experience during or after your studies and start building your career. Some degrees require the completion of an internship (mandatory internship) for students to graduate from the program, and it is common for these types of internships to be unpaid or with a very low salary. In Frankfurt, you can find internships in all industries — from tourism and marketing, media, and graphic design to finance and pharmaceutics. However, international students should keep in mind that recruitment processes and regulations are not the same for European citizens and students from third countries. Hence, they should stay well-informed and seek advice when necessary. One thing is for sure: the internship can be key to memorable student life in Frankfurt!

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