Student life in Frankfurt

student life in Frankfurt
Updated 2019-10-09 12:42

Frankfurt is a city that gets a lot of attention among international students. This is due to the good study programs, the large number of work opportunities and the fact that this region is perfectly connected to every part of the world. As a city that hosts thousands of students yearly, Frankfurt offers a quite calm but vibrant atmosphere. Besides, a large number of the population is international, so it is quite easy to find English speaking individuals and like-minded students.

Attending university in Frankfurt doesn't mean just holding a book. As a matter of fact, the city has a way of engaging individuals in nightlife, day trips, socialising and also understanding the life responsibilities. Studying in Frankfurt is a real life-changing experience in the centre of Europe.

Student networking in Frankfurt

Meeting similar people in university campuses and around the city is important as it brings possibilities for exchanging information, building connections and having fun. All of the universities have special events and organisations to bring their individuals together. Additionally, the city offers many networking opportunities where expats and individuals can get to know each other like the Frankfurt Tandem Language Exchange. The Erasmus network can also be very helpful, as it organises events like visiting cultural sights, cities and sports, often at discounted prices. Sports are another excellent way to communicate, and students have discounts in most of the facilities.

Nightlife in Frankfurt

While the centre of the city has a great number of fun places to visit, like wine bars and regular pubs, they can be out of the student's budget, which is why there are some areas where students dominate.

Bockenheim is one a great area full of more affordable but equally fun bars, and alternative cafés. For those interested in clubbing, Kleine Bockenheimer Straße has some great jazz clubs. Bornheim is another great area, with relaxing beergartens and pleasant atmosphere and or lovers of Apfelwein, and Sachsenhousen has the best Kneipen (traditional bars) for having a drink.

Student discounts in Frankfurt

The general cost of living for students for supplies, going out and other necessary expenses is around 400 euros, and it can be greatly aided by the use of discounts. Student cards bring the benefit of having reductions in many places, like theatres, the zoo, swimming pools or any other kind of sport facility. Besides, universities organise their own sports events. Some museums are free for students, and for those who like to visit often, there is a possibility to get a MuseumsuferCard, which costs 42 euros and offers free entry to most of the museums of the city.

The student cards also offer the possibility of having a discounted semester public transportation ticket, and the option to rent a bike on Call-a-bike for first free 45 minutes.

Students can get the International Student Identity Card, which costs 15 euros and gives many discounts for flights, travelling insurance and accommodation. Also, students can work part-time during their studies, in some of the English-speaking bars, or give English lessons.

Student accommodation in Frankfurt

Finding accommodation is difficult all over Germany, and so is for the students in Frankfurt. Rent prices are higher than a student's budget, and the demand can seem overwhelming. It is crucial to start searching beforehand for accommodation, as the process can take time. Lucky students manage to find accommodation in students residences which cost them between 300 and 350 euros per month. For those who are on a tight budget, looking for a shared flat is the best option, and is usually done through websites like Wg Gesucht, WG Suche and Studenten WG; or through some social media websites.

Besides, students can rent a whole flat in some of the cheaper areas of the city. Studio flats in good areas cost around 1,000 euros and above, while two-bedroom apartments cost from 1,500 euros. Some neighbourhoods like Ostend and Bockenheim can offer cheaper options.

Frankfurt is a student-friendly city, and while accommodation costs are high, the expenses in the student-preferred neighbourhoods are affordable.

Internships in Frankfurt

Internships and good job opportunities provide many possibilities to build experience and to start earning well in Frankfurt. This way, the tables turn, and soon students are able to enjoy the city to the maximum. Find out more in our article about Internships in Germany.

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