from OFPPT in morocco to ausbildung in germany

I am an OFPPT trainee, I am studying web development ( second year ).
I am studying German right now and I need to understand how I can apply for ausbildung for next year and what papers I need(if they accept IT, trainees). Please I need help and some links attached if it's possible to avoid the misunderstanding and thanks for advancing at all.


You can find all professions that can be attained by an appenticeship ("Ausbildung") here:
The site also gives a lot of information about each profession, which might be useful for you. Of course everything is n German only,but that is the language level you need anyway to attend such a course.
Most apprenticeship is conducted at companies in the respective field (plus some schooling at associated "Berufsschulen"). So you need to apply for a place at these companies. The site also gives pointers about how to do this.
Good luck!


Good afternoon!

I'm currently in the similar situation you were in 2020. May I kindly ask you, can I start Ausbilding in Germany without Morrocan Bacheloria diploma, if I am already in Germany?..

It would help me really much..

Many thanks