Adjusting to the culture in Frankfurt

culture in Frankfurt
Updated 2019-10-09 14:17

Visiting a new place with its own tradition and culture brings many challenges. Frankfurt is not a very difficult environment for expats, as it is quite international. There are, however, specific things that one can learn in order to completely integrate to the German way of living and to be able to enjoy as the locals do. Furthermore, adaptation is important both for students and workers looking to blend in the new environment completely. Luckily, living in Frankfurt also means having fun.

Frankfurt is not a big city but has a strong business dynamic. This is especially true for those who work in the financial sector but is spread to all of the industries that dominate in Hesse. Luckily, the atmosphere is not too tense due to the beautiful green spaces that are present in every corner and can be enjoyed, regardless of the day. Frankfurters like to work hard but also like to take time off, and this balance is the key to a good quality life.

Architecture and culture in Frankfurt

Frankfurt offers an impressive architecture, which is a blend of tall skyscrapers and nature. The whole city feels very modern and provides plenty of fun sightings and facilities. A beautiful beginning of a city tour is Frankfurt's Old Town (Altstadt), which shows its picturesque irregularly shaped square, known as Römerberg. Additionally, the Church of St.Nicholas reflects a great deal of the city's past. Frankfurt has 34 museums which are of great importance, like the historical, the film museum and art museums. However, one of them is particularly important for the city, as it is dedicated to the writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, whose birthplace was indeed Frankfurt. All the cultural institutions are connected, and it is possible to see them with one museumsurfercard.

The Hesse cuisine

Among the places to go to, the Kleinemarkthalle is a must (and is also a step closer to becoming a local). This market has some of the best food you can find in Germany, and also a good place to try some delicacies of the region, like Frankfurter Grüne Soße (made of herbs, sour cream and egg), the traditional sausages, the cheeses and the sweet Hesse pastries (like the Frankfurter Kranz). While all over Germany, beer is the most important drink, Frankfurters prefer Apfelwein (apple cider). During the Christmas period, Glühwein (or mulled wine) is a favourite.

Restaurants and bars in Frankfurt

Most of the places to eat and casual restaurants, don't invite customers to sit. It is evident that a place is free unless indicated that it is reserved. Most of the waiters speak and understand English, and most of the menus have English versions. Besides, it is quite common to be asked by the servers (if their shift is about to end) to pay before finishing the meal or drink. Germans do not over tip, as this usually goes by rounding up the price (around two euros) instead of leaving money on the table.

Communication in Frankfurt

Most of the people in Frankfurt speak English (even though is very beneficial to learn German), and if they encounter a foreigner, they may directly speak English to you if they notice that you struggle with your German. Bars and clubs are usually full of friendly people (especially after a few Apfelweins), but the working staff may seem more reserved, which is because they give priority to being effective. Also, credit cards are not accepted everywhere, and most of the places prefer being paid in cash.

What to avoid in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is not the preferred city by all. Some believe that it lacks the charms of other European cities. Besides, it has a relatively higher crime rate compared to the other places in Germany, especially visible around the area of the red light district. Large crowds, like the flea market, are also better to be avoided (or at least to be careful).

Neighbourhoods like Gallus, Gutleutviertel are also considered unsafe, and even though beauty can be found in all parts of the city, it is best not to take risks. Despite the places with a bad reputation, moving around open places in the city, at any time of the day, is safe and pleasant, so it is possible to visit them and enjoy the Frankfurter way of living without worries.

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