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leisure in Frankfurt
Updated 2022-11-12 21:32

Frankfurt is a city of culture, fun, and many contrasts, which can be seen in the different neighborhoods and the diversity of lifestyles of its residents. While most people save leisure activities for the weekends and dedicate weekdays to work and chores, Frankfurt may help you change your mindset about fitting entertainment into your Monday-to-Friday schedule.

The city has all the conditions to take your mind off work no matter what day of the week it is — from a quick lunch break with a friend in the city center to a short visit to the museum or a Thursday night at a bar for after-work drinks, Frankfurt is exciting throughout the week!    

After work in Frankfurt

Pubs and bars in the city are spread in every neighborhood and offer the possibility to have a beer, a good meal, or the traditional Apfelwein (i.e., cider) locally, without having to travel to another area. Of course, some places offer more options than others and have better vibes, such as Alt-Sachsenhausen, which is full of Kneipen (i.e., bars in this region), and Bornheim, which is full of relaxing beer gardens. Bockenheim is especially popular among students, as it is very lively and has many unconventional bars good for a student's budget.

Some well-known bars and restaurants in these areas are the following, but feel free to explore and find out for yourself. 

  • Ebbelwoi Unser and Apfelwein-Wirtschaft Fichtekränzi in Sachsenhausen for tasting the local Apfelwein.
  • Restaurant Alte Post, a German-Croatian restaurant with good meat and Mosaic Jazz Bar in Bornheim for drinks and good music.
  • Volkswirtschaft in Bockenheim, the name means National Economy, and the bar offers a friendly atmosphere and good beer.
  • Trinkhalle in Ostend feels cozy and offers some of the best cocktails in the area.
  • Moloko Bar in Nordend Ost is great for after-work/study drinks.
  • Das Dönerboot offers a special feeling as it prepares delicious kebabs and fish on a fishing boat.

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Ebbelwoi Unser

Apfelwein-Wirtschaft Fichtekränzi

Mosaic Jazz

Moloko Bar 

Fun and games in Frankfurt

Frankfurt offers plenty of games and challenges, which are a great opportunity for group gatherings with friends and coworkers or the family. Some of the best are:

  • Escape Events and Secret Escape Game.
  • Happy Landings, Flugsimulator Frankfurt, and Lufthansa Aviation Training for flying lessons.
  • Schwarzlichthelden Minigolf mini-golfing in an environment with graffiti and many interesting 3D effects. They also organize mini-golf courses.
  • LaserZone LaserTag Frankfurt is a fun way to get active.
  • Bowling World Frankfurt is an old-school and friendly place for bowling.

Cinemas, theatres, and gigs in Frankfurt

Going to a cinema or a theatre is an old-time classic way to have fun on a weekday. While most of these places in Frankfurt are in German, some offer English shows or special shows for expats, which can be a great way to meet with other English-speaking expats. The following options are perfect for evening weekday activities. 

  • Ekinos is a budget cinema hall and Cinestar Metropolis often shows movies in English.
  • Theatrallalla and The English Theatre offer both classical and modern plays.
  • Batschkapp Frankfurter Kulturzentrum, THE BED - Live Music Club, Summa Summarum Musikkeller, Harry's New York Bar and Batschkapp host small local concerts.

Nightlife in Frankfurt

There are many places for clubbing in Frankfurt, even on weekdays. Some famous places for crazy nights out are FKK Mainhattan, DA F.U.N.K. Hip Hop Streetdance Kurse, Gibson Club, and the Cave. Besides, the city hosts many concerts and tours with world-famous musicians in its main halls, such as Festhalle and Commerzbank Arena. Since the city has events all year round, it is possible to check them out on websites such as Eventbrite. The list of fun options in Frankfurt is unlimited and renewable. Of course, the spring and summer months offer more opportunities for events such as outdoor concerts and local festivals, but there is always something to do throughout the year and any day of the week. 

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