Soccer in frankfurt!!!

hey everyone!

I'm looking forward to play soccer again, i love  to play but i don't know anyone here who wants to play it.   Would be great find 9 more guys and arrange a match

who wants to go???? : D

see you!!!!

I love to play as well. However, I will arrive to frankfurt for the first time next june. Lets do it after that :)

would be great! but we need to find at leat 8 more :) i hope they will join us soon ....

great!!!!! one more! come on we need a few more! : D
if anyone knows more people, please be free tell them
i'm very excited to play soccer again!

Hey guys,
I'm new in Frankfurt and I'm also looking to play soccer.
You can count me as well ;)

great one more! :D
hi rom1

wow 222 people visited the topic !!!!! and so far we are only 4... hahaha:|

I'm in :)

I'm in definitely. I also have 2 or 3 colleagues at work who are always willing to play football so you can count 3, 4 more guys who are in for sure !

hey tom that is wonderful!l ! We are 8 now! we only need at least 2 more : D

Hey guys good news!  I found 2 guys more,  so we are 10 now:-D I have to find the field but I know there are a couple in frankfurt.  Please can you send me a pm with yours mails.

Hey all,
After these two amazing champion's league games, we really need to play football :D
Unfortunately, the weather will be bad this weekend apparently. But maybe we could try to play indoor. I have seen that there are indoor football fields at "Real Sport entertainment" at Frankfurt am Main Mitte Nord.
What do you think ?

it is a good idea, but tomcrft didn't answer me yet, we still need a couple of players :(

So how many interested players do you have available ?
Because I think I could potentially bring 1 or 2 more players with me :)

amr janadi x2
rom1 x2
i can probably find 1 or 2 more but it is not sure now one of the guys here is going to vacations in may so we are 7 counting your friend. we need a couple more or prey for tomcrft answer again but i don't know what happened with him

Hey, I live in Cologne but I miss football that much I'd definitely drive through to Frankfurt to play :D I'm backin UK 6th - 15th though.


yeah! one more! i think if you have 3 more we can do it. maybe this weekend if the weather is nice and everyone will be able.:) come on everyone confirm me by pm!

Hey guys,

I'm off work on Sunday, would be a great time to play, in the early afternoon works best for me. I'm then in UK on Monday so Sunday would really be perfect... What do you think?
I wish I knew more players to invite!

Hey guys, am interested playing football.Am new in Frankfurt and would also like to make some new friends

Hello guys,

I am in if necessary. Do you play this WE?


hey! two more! amazing! i think we are almost ready to arrange a match but this weekend i can't do it  and they said the weather is gonna be bad... again :(

Ok, after watching the champions league final, and Real Madrid tonight, I'm ready to start playing again :D

Lets make this happen. I need regular games, or  I might have to take up another pong or something :-O

Lets get a game arranged :)


I am coming on 12th of June. lets do it after that ??

Awesome, so that's 10 players, right?

people! i'm back, sorry but i went to vacation last week, here is my email leabevi[at] , it is very hard to arrange something by this page so please send me an email all the people who want to play!

Email sent :)

Hi all,

we have a group we try to play regularly 5 vs. 5 on Sundays at 18:00 at Soccers-Point Frankfurt: Hahnstr. 75, Frankfurt / Niederrad (website:

It is mixed teams (girls & boys, german and internationals) and it is meant to have fun, meet new people while doing sports!

We always look for new people to join our games.

If you are interested pls drop me an email to:

I will add you in our mailing list loop that we send out regularly each Monday to check for availabilities.

Looking forward to play with you!


Hey guys,

I live in Frankfurt from 15th of June, so no friends to play.  :(
I'm interested on play soccer.
If there will be another match, keep me update.  :D

See you.


Hello Guys
I´m working in Frankfurt.
I would play to foootball, if possible.
Someone can help me?


I'm bringing my brother to Frankfurt for his stagg do on the first weekend in October. We would like to set up a game of football but cant find anywhere to play!

Please could someone point us in the right direction?

Thank you!


Just moved to the Frankfurt area a few weeks ago and already missing my regular Sunday game. Are any of those mentioned above still active?

Feel free to email me directly at ***

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Hi everyone,

I have been in Frankfurt for the last 1 & half months, so I am also looking for a place to play football. Anyone willing to play or knows someone who is organising 1-2 times per week football matches?


Hi Igor,

I have been in Frankfurt about the same amount of time. I'm up for playing but still haven't found a group. I will let you know if I find something. Please do the same.


Yes, sure!


I found something. Give me your email address.


Something available in 2016???

i am looking for a way to play football as well , i have a friend with me can we plan something ?

Hey ,

I am new here and is looking for an amateur team to join to train with. It would be great if you could help to find something. Any one new here ?? 2016

Thanks !

Look below...


I am not an expat myself but a traveler,  more like a sportive traveler. I have always being doing some type of sport which also includes football/soccer (how you want to call it), but traveling and playing football do not go well together, as you can imagine.  While travelling in Frankfurt I encountered a football community, Celebreak, they have football matches that you can easily join when and where it suits you the best.

For me, this was great ! I only needed to sing up through the app and I could play, just like that. For the expats, it is not only a great way to play football without the need of signing up for a club, but it is a great way to meet new people too !! I met so many different people, from different countries, students/expats and with different levels of football skills. You can get more information on their website

Hope this helps, expats and travelers as well.

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