Becoming A Truck Driver Or Owner Operator In Germany

Hi, I'm new to this site, but I've been trying to get back to Germany.  My question is how do you become a truck driver there. I am a truck driver in US, I've tried online searches but I can't find any real info. Can someone point me in the right direction, please?

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In meantime, you can try to post an advert in the jobs in Germany - Logistics, Transport section (Truck driver). It can be helpful.

I hope members will also provide some informations.

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As far as I know the majority of the operators (drivers) in Europe a salaried employees.  The O/O is rare in OTR (long distance) trucking.  Further more if you were an O/O you would also have to own your own trailer.  Pick up and hauling of other peoples trailers with your tractor is really a North American thing.  Drivers park their rigs and go to get lunch while it is loaded. 

You would first need a commercial driving license, there are more designations in Europe than in the U.S. so this is probably a two step, two year process.  You would also need an EU recognized digital Tacho card.  Both of these mean you would have to reside legally in the EU and test there.  In the case of Germany that would be in German.  They don't give driving tests in foreign languages in Europe (another American peculiarity). 

I have a Class C commercial license from Hungary.  It is only valid in Hungary and can be used on any commercial vehicle without a trailer greater than 3500 kg.  The next step would be a full "camion" license however honestly for what they pay drivers in Central Europe I am better off going back and teaching English or waiting for UBER to start if Vienna and start driving there.

Driving for UBER is not good idea too

mercierbikes wrote:

They don't give driving tests in foreign languages in Europe (another American peculiarity).

This part is definitely untrue: The theoretical test for driving license in Germany can be taken in 12 languages (English, French, Greek, Arabic, Italian, Croat, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish).
But yes: Long distance truck drivers in Europe are normally employees and paid a pittance (that's why most are from the poorer Eastern countries). You'd never be able to buy a truck from their salaries!


YOU NEED A EUROPEAN truck license card, category CE ( heavy truck ) AND another plastic card, called drivers card, for the truck itsself, to register your working hours

license card MUST show a certain number, which is 95 and stand for another qualifying programm EVERY driver has to participate ( cost approx 400 euro )

a CE license alone costs here in germany 5000 to 7000 euro fyi only … ing-agency

truckers are desperately searched here in germany, but be warned, they pay only approx 8 to 11 euro per hour and the job is very very stressful. might be easier if you drive from germany to england for example, or, if you can, is better to live in UK and work from there, better paid !!

here are some links to give you an idea how the licenses look like

the categry / class is called CE  (CPC driver)

in the CE field must be written key number 95 … y2013.html … ed_Kingdom


sound a bit confusing,
but take your time to check those websites, that might help


I'm a Zimbabwean truck driver working in South Africa for spar eastern cape since November 2010. I have an international driving permit, defensive driving certificate plus class 2  license. How can I get a job in Germany as a truck driver? Please contact me on *** for your advise. I thank you

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atif007iqbal wrote:

Driving for UBER is not good idea too

Why is driving for Uber not great, was thinking about doing it.

drivencanada wrote:
atif007iqbal wrote:

Driving for UBER is not good idea too

Why is driving for Uber not great, was thinking about doing it.

For example because Uber does not exist in Germany - it is illegal to offer such services without an (expensive and difficult to get) taxi license.