Moroccan dentists' immigration to Germany

Hello friends, it's my first post here
In fact, I'm a dental student in my sixth year, in Morocco and I will graduate next year
I know that a lot of youth Moroccan doctors choose to immigrate to Germany these days, because it's very easy and beneficial for them in comparison with other countries in the Europe. But actually, I don't have any information about the case of dentists, either it's beneficial and easy like doctors' case or not. So please, if you can provide me more information about the procedure to work as a dentist in Germany, and if it's recommended to study for speciality or not ?
Thank you

Is your degree recognised in Germany - and do you speak German fluently enough to discuss dental treatment procedures with patients?
If not, this would not work!

Thank you for your response, but I'm seeking for the procedure to follow to reach what you are talking about

I looked up on the Recognition in Germany website and it looks like a dentist degree from Morocco needs to be recognized. What you are going to have to do is complete your studies, your are more than likely going to have to have your degree, grades, and classes that you took translated into German because the first step is to see if your education is equal to German education and then your going to have to get everything recognized. Just because they are translated does not mean you are recognized, that is just your first step. I would go on the Recognition in Germany website, type in your profession, your location, where you want to work in Germany, fill out the questions appropriately, make sure to scroll down and up the page because the website shows up weird (at least on Chrome it shows up weird) and you have new questions in the middle of the page for some reason. It will give you a phone number and place to contact, you can phone them or I thought I might have saw an email on there. The first step is to get recognized because you can't work until  you are. I don't know how Germany works but in Canada here Dentists often have their own practice and work for themselves. So I think you would have to get all your grades, explanations of what types of things you took in school translated into German, have your degree recognized, and then you will have to open up a business practice (if you are going solo and want to work for yourself which requires VAT number, business license. and develop a business plan). The recognition website is listed below.
https://www.anerkennung-in-deutschland. … profession
I would also contact the bundesagentur für arbeit, they can help with your working questions, if you want to work with other dentists and not have your own business. They can also help with directing you how to get to Germany.

Not sure what else I am missing but contacting either the Recognition in Germany website and the bundesagentur für arbeit would be a good start.

Thank youu for you detailed response


Thank you for your response, but I'm seeking for the procedure to follow to reach what you are talking about

Regarding the recognition of your degree, cpaulson gave good advice above.
Regarding the German language, take classes - e.g. at the Goethe Institute in your countr, up to C1 or better C2 level.

Thank youu