Do I need an Ausbildung if I have a Bachelor Degree?

Should I pursue an Ausbildung if I have already completed a Bachelor of Science degree? I have a Bachelor of Science in Management from University of Maryland. Currently, I am an accountant in a huge company in Frankfurt; however, I am worried that I have no formal education in Germany. Sometimes, I am worried that this will hamper my prospects of progressing to higher positions. What do you guys/girls think? Also, I have B2 German and I am continuing to learn the language as I suspect I will for the rest of my life.


If your degree is recognized it doesn't really make much sense to do a lesser or comparable degree although the process might improve your German. Generally one would suggest you get your German up to speed and do a higher degree, like a masters, if you want to improve your chances.

Thank you for the feedback! It is greatly appreciated =)

Dear "slash1987",
I also have a BSBA with a major in Accounting. I was told as long as the school is accredited then you are okay (from much research and also from a German organization). It is also good if your university has affiliations with Germany. May i ask which company you work for in Frankfurt and how you obtained this employment with level B2? I am also looking for accounting opportunities and any leads would be great, thanks! Fyi- I have worked for T-Mobile HQ's in the USA, Converse HQ's and also in the Public Accounting sector ...


Would my experience qualify me in Germany? I know there is a thing at my work which will translate how long I have been working for the company, what I did etc. I believe it is called arbeitszeugniss. Also, my University is H+.