How hard is B1 exam ?

hi guys. i would like to ask if how hard is B1 exam. do you have any idea. and how can i find a job here. i am a midwife and wanted to work in nursing homes. do u think its possible to me. and lastly why i need an integrated course exam. pls help

Hallo! How is it going?Did you achieved your goals? Well,I am also a nurse studied from USA.I came here in Germany  Aug 2014.I am in the middle of doing recognition of my nursing documents. I was told  that I need B2 German in order to work as a licensed nurse .my German also poor and I will start B1 soon.Have started?.Have you started to learn German?I am also interested to work in nursing home but I have no idea how this works as a foreigner her in Germany.
Please let me know how is it going perhaps we can interchange ideas.

Very easy with multiple choice type of answers required.listening and choosing. And the talkingto your uunderstanding of a topic.the tslking part, you need to give more information. Regardless of the grammar. It proves you understand what you are talking about.

I got you,Thanks

Hello Nani.. I am also a nurse currently working as an au pair here.. and I am thinking of landing a job after my contract ends.. do you know where I can go and know the requirements for anerkenung..? All I know for now is I have to pass b2 first.. hope to get some help and tips.. thanks..

Hey guys, if you're on the ground IN Germany you can find guides for all levels all the way up to C2 in the bookstore chain

I'm not advertising them, not affiliated with them, but I picked up heaps of books recently to improve my German, and they had a wide range.

You might want to also contact the Goethe institut and ask them for a B1 marking rubric or ask them what features of language are tested per rank.

Good Luck!

Good day! Can someone could please share experiences taking B1, tips for passing the letter writing and the speaking part. I'm bit worried. How easy is easy and how hard is hard.. I'll be taking the test sooon :) Thanks in advance.

Hallo Everyone,

As I had experience from B1, from the first time it was really hard. Stressed to understand mostly the word and the grammar. You gonna beggin for simple words, like you or me, how are you, where do you live like that. A1, A2,  & B1. But then for few weeks, you've learn step by step..It takes 6 months normally. During 2 to 3 months, it takes be easy. Then after 6 months you take your B1 test, it belongs Writting, Hearing and Speaking. If you got 2 times B1 and 1 A2..then you get B1. But if you get 2 A2 then 1 B1, then you get only A2...So you must pass for B1. Then you have your B1 Certificate.
By me I was taking my B1, last I do not know maybe they have some new topic about.
Please if you need more information. Just try to go to Volkshochschule.
I hope, I have help you..! Machts gut!
By the way im also a in NRW...


Hello, are most of the german courses from VHS (a1-b1) taught in English (or German)???

Hallo Ms Immanuel,

it's focus in German language. Must have a Dictionary for translation.
I hope I have help you.

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Hello Jaclorjohann,

Oh, I must bring a DE-ENG dictionary to the class. Thank you very much for your help :D

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Your welcome Ms Immanuel.

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I'm currently on b1 and I find it totally annoying but my lehrerin is just the sweetest cutie and makes learning fun. The language tests are pretty basic really. You just need to really listen @ hören section...the one time play gets tricky!
For those looking to do nursing I would say get your b1 and 2 done then head over to the arbeitsamt of the city u live in, they will help u a lot better.
Oh and thanks for the b1test tips!!!

Hi Ms.
How much it cost to study for B1 german language?

This thread has been inactive since 2015 - I think you are unlikely to get a reply from the original posters.
To learn German to B1 level costs mostly time and effort. The price of classes and books varies from school to school. Usually those offered by the Goethe Institute are best value for money:

Very easy B1 .cost is Rs: 60,000

Easyteach wrote:

Very easy B1 .cost is Rs: 60,000

This is a bit nonsensical! B1 is not easy except for people who have been living a while in Germany. And one needs to specify if a cost is for the exam and/or for classes. All will depend on where it is done; which country and which institute. Most of the posters on this thread are Filipinos so the cost of something in Sri Lanka is likely irrelevant to them...

As of December 2021 in Osnabrück, Niedersachsen: €750, that is 3 modules over 3-4 months @ €250 per module. Hopefully this helps.

dave0s wrote:

As of December 2021 in Osnabrück, Niedersachsen: €750, that is 3 modules over 3-4 months @ €250 per module. Hopefully this helps.

Original post is from 2014 so not much sense in replying to it now.