Salary Requirement for Family Reunification Visa

Hello all,

I'm a Filipino and current residing in the Philippines, I recently got a job in Itzehoe, my work permit was approved by the labour market for 3 years under the category “specialists”, im applying  Type D visa here in the Philippines. I'm also considering to apply a Blue card once I arrived in Germany since my salary falls within the requirement anyway.

My plan is to apply my husband and 2 kids ( 6 yo and 4 yo) once I have settled. I know that one of the requirements is to prove that I am finanancially capable to bring my family and of course for me to handle their everyday needs and expenses and I know that their basis would be the salary of the person living in germany. My question is,  is there a salary bracket or any salary requirement for a person bringing  his/her family in DE ( especially for a family of 4)?

Thank you in advance!

The requirement is EUR9000/year for each person (slighly less for kids).
In addition, you have to show sufficient living space (e.g. rented appartment of appropriate size) and a health insurance for all of them.

Thank you. Is this gross salary?

Such low salaries are exempted from taxation to relieve the poor.

@beppi     Is  9000 euro/ year a tax exempt salary ?      Husband's salary is 3000 euro  and if taxi is excluded, he gets 2100euro montly salary. Can the child and I apply for family reunion visa with this salary?

@mirzathomas The amount is adjusted yearly for inflation - and is now around 11000€/year. There might be a lower amount needed for a child - ask the embassy!

Since this is cash outlay for basic survival, of course it means income after tax and other deductions.