Freelancing on Dependent Visa in Germany

I am Diya. I have recently moved to Germany from India on a dependent visa to be with my spouse who is in Germany and has a work permit valid for 2 years. I am eligible to work under this visa category. I already have a health insurance attached to my husband's work permit.

However I would like to know if I can freelance in Germany under this work permit of a dependent spouse visa.
Do I need any other documents?
How will it impact my health insurance and other stuff.

If your visa allows full access to the labour market, you can do any work incl. freelance.
Please keep in mind that the formalities for freelancing are quite complicated, so consult somebody who knows (and speaks German) for that.
Also, once you have your own income (not a dependent any more), you need your own health insurance, of course. As a frelancer, you pay double of what an employee would (because you have no employer who pays half).

Hey @Diya,

This is Priyanka! Hope you're doing well!

Can you help me know which Visa category is this which will allow spouse to work ? Many thanks! :)

A tax advisor might be more helpful here, but in terms of freelancing it also depends on where your income is going (bank in a foreign country) and what the tax rules apply there. There might be a Double Tax agreement between Germany and the said country where your income goes to. Also, consider registering a company under your name as this comes in handy for tax brackets, as other benefits, versus being a freelancer.

Health insurance-wise, if I recall correctly, if you earn more than 450 Euros/month, you are required to have your own health insurance.

I will update my reply when I get more information regarding this.

Unlike what Alisa Ram wrote above,
- it is irrelevant for German tax purposes where the remuneration is paid (foreign or local bank account). Despite bilateral tax treaties, it is still possible to be double taxed (and not legally possible to avoid tax altogether), therefore a German account is usually preferable for a German business - accounting is also easier then.
- The income threshold for having your own health insurance (instead of as a dependent on a close relative‘s public health insurance) is not €450, but somewhere between €300 and €350 per month. The „€450 jobs“, which are exempted from (otherwise compulsory) social security contributions, are a separate matter. And taxation is again separate: None of the above is exempt from imcome tax. Get professional advice before you embark on any of these!


Hi Diya. I am also working as a freelancer under my dependent VISA in Germany. Do I need to change this dependent resident permit, now that I am a freelancer? Or can I still have the same resident permit as a dependent and still continue my freelance? Please help.


Hi Diya,

I am also working as a freelancer under a dependent VISA. Do I need to change this resident permit or can I still be dependent on my husband while working as a freelance? Please help!

Hi Diya,
I am also working as a freelancer under a dependent VISA. Do I need to change this resident permit or can I still be dependent on my husband while working as a freelance? Please help!

No sense to write 2 versions of basically the same question And the OP you are asking last posted 4 years ago, saying she would be in Germany for 2 years. Not much chance of a response.

Other thing is that there is no such thing as a "dependent visa". What exists is a Family Reunion Visa. Usually a spouse can then work but freelancing has to be approved. It might depend on the status of the spouse you are joining, what field you want to work in, what experience you might have and what certifications or requirements are needed for the specific work. Many jobs like in medicine, law etc. have licensing requirements or one needs to pass German state exams and/or have a certified level of German language. Such questions without many more details and context are un-answerable.