Can I change my student visa into Ausbildung visa?

: Hi, it's me Sonia and I am doing my bachelor in München. Bevor I am asking u my question I want to tell u first about my past. I have lived 10 yrs back my Abitur in germany and lived in germany for 10 yrs. When I was 23i got married and moved to India and did not get the opportunity to come back to Germany to renew my visa. So it was cancelled. Now after 13 yrs I am back in germany and doing my bachelor in München and I have also got a Ausbildung place as pflegefachkraft for 3 yrs and also for Einzelhandelkauffrau. For I get a direct contract for work as Verkauffrau. Now my questions is: 1) can I change my student visa into Ausbildung visa 2) can I do any of the Ausbildung mentioned above (Pflegefachkraft Or Einzelhandel) 3) or it's better to do dirct full time work without Ausbildung as Verkauffrau. If yes can I convert my student visa to work permit visa? I am. Confused I don't know what is better option can u pls help me... By the way my parents have germen citizenship and living since 35 yrs in Germany Pls advise

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@soniasania86 You can only do one: Study for a Bachelor, do an Ausbildung OR work. Which one you choose is your own decision, based on what you want to achieve in life.

1) As far as I know, it is possible to convert between various training visa types, and also to convert them to a work visa. But please ask your local Ausländeramt for the formalities and how long it would take!

2) You'd have to, of course, decide on one of the two apprentceships you mention. (They are quite different from each other!)

3) Working, instead of completing your education, would give you more money now, but less chances later in life.

Would only seem logical that one decides for a direction and sticks to it. Nobody here can decide for you which of 3 different pathways is the best for you. If one has come on a study visa then they would need to first clarify the possibility with local immigration officials before signing up for a training program. This shows intent  to not actually complete the degree and could jeopardize one's legal status as a student.

A non-EU student can stay on for 18 months after finishing a university degree to look for work in their field of study. Otherwise, it is normally forbidden to change from a study visa status to working full time. One would have to leave the country and apply for a work visa after lining up a job that will enable one to get it and then return. Just maybe an exception would be made if one has highly demanded skills for which they are actively recruiting foreigners for. Skilled workers in some fields are in such short supply the the government is proposing major changes to the immigration and naturalization laws to bring in and retain them. But this would pertain to experienced workers, not people just starting out in a field and not in sales. One with a nursing degree already that speaks B2 level German would have a pick of opportunities.

I can I convert my student visa to work permit visa?

No. You can only convert your study permit to a work permit if you have a job offer for a skilled position that requires either an apprenticeship or university degree. It is not possible for you to obtain a work permit for an unskilled position.

Switching from a study permit to a permit for a Pflegefachkraft apprenticeship is possible and should be relatively easy.