Family reunion Visa during Ausbildung in Berlin

Im from Nepal. Im doing Ausbildung als Pflegefachfrau  and im planning to bring my Husband here in Family reunion visa. Is it possible to bring my husband during Ausbildung??

Hello, I am not sure if you are going to be able to get your spouse over to Germany on an Ausbildung.

According to Make It in Germany website you have to have enough:
- Accommodation: You have rented accommodation in Germany which is large enough for your family. You can find tips on finding accommodation in our section on Living in Germany.
- Health insurance and money: You have sufficient health insurance cover and funds to be able to care for your family.

The problem is as a nurse (ausbildung) you are making over 1100 and some (depends on what region and hospital you are working it) to 1300 and some. This depends on how many years you are in it. 1100 and some for year one, 1200 and some for year two, 1300 and some for year three each month. This is going to basically cover you only. I guess if you have student housing you have cheaper rent but I don't know if that is enough space for you and your spouse but I think even if you are paying 300 to 400 euro a month on rent that in the eyes of the government if they will allow your spouse to come. That might be too little to cover them.  I would like to hear other people's opinions though. You will make way more when you are a full nurse and I am sure you can bring your spouse over with the wage you get as a nurse.

Also, did you apply from Nepal or did you have an ausbildung visa in Germany? (I want to move to do a nurse ausbildung so I am interested if you applied from Nepal or not)

Linamagar: One of the requirements for a FRV (and in your case possibly the most difficult to meet) is that you have sufficient financial reserves to pay for his (and your) living expenses above the threshold that would require government assistance (a.k.a. poverty line). This is currently somewhere above €800/month - per person. Do you earn more  than twice that? If not, you might have to wait until your apprenticeship is over - or he has to find a job and get a visa on his own merit.

Beyond needing a large enough accommodation and money to pay for living expenses, and usually having a A1 level of German, usually family reunion visas are for people working with a long term residency, which might exclude an Ausbilding.

For one going to university on a study visa they are specifically allowed to bring a spouse but again have the accommodation and money limitations. I have read that this does not apply to an Ausbildung or say language course.  I looked at the German Immigration Authority site bamf(dot)de/en but they don't specifically say.

To get a visa one will have to deal with the German embassy or consulate anyway, so they should be able to definitively answer such questions