Mauritian natural remedies

Published on 2021-07-02 at 09:56
Even today, natural remedies are still very much present in the Mauritian everyday life. So here are some tips to cure everyday ailments with Mauritian remedies.


With the days getting cooler, you are more at risk of catching a cold, which is often accompanied by an incessant cough. And if you're sick of the cough syrups that make you sleepy in the middle of a workday, try a thyme infusion. Add honey and ginger to it and your cough will be gone in no time. Another tip: saffron milk. To do this, boil fresh saffran in milk and drink a few glasses a day.

For indigestion problems

You can't do without the local faratas even if they cause digestive discomfort? Maybe a little mint tea could help. Indeed, to help with digestion, boil a few mint leaves in water. It also works with Ayapana leaves. Ayapana also helps relieve belly aches.


Do you know paracetamol, commonly known in Mauritius as “panadol”? Well, there is also a plant that is commonly referred to as the "panadol plant" or the "efferalgan plant" here that is said to have the same effect on headaches. The scientific name of this plant is lamiaceae satureja douglasii and it is very effective against migraines but also fever and indigestion.

Cuts, wounds and sprains

Mauritians swear by this plant. It is the miracle plant for injuries of all kinds. The star plant that is aloe vera grows in every street corner in Mauritius and is very popular with Mauritians for its healing properties. A little aloe vera gel on a wound and it heals in a few days. It also works well on a sprain.

But aloe vera is also a very useful plant in everyday life. Some gel that you can get by crushing the pulp of the plant can be used as a skin moisturizer, for example. You will still need to add a few drops of lemon juice as a conservative.


If you tell a Mauritian that you suffer from constipation they will probably give you two tips: prunes or flax seeds. Indeed, eating a few prunes quickly helps relieve constipation. But another trick that can also help: flax seeds that can be found in supermarkets. How to do it ? These grains should be boiled in water and allowed to cool. The resulting gel can be consumed once every day.

Painful periods

Many women find themselves cramping during menstruation. And the solutions are always the same: the pill or the painkillers which can be very damaging to the stomach. What are some natural tips that might help you? Cinnamon or ginger infusions as well as papaya leaf infusion. Boil some cinnamon sticks, a few pieces of ginger, or a few papaya leaves and don't hesitate to take several cups a day to relieve the cramps.

Article translated from Les remdes de grand-mre bien mauriciens