Single Permit Processing in 2022

@ostanancy01 If you received the no reply e mail in a close day that you submitted your files for the first time, the rest of the process sounds normal to me considering the standart processing time of flanders. The only thing I tried to understand, sometimes we are providing documents but there might be some misunderstandings caused by the employer or 3rd parties. That is why I was asking when did you receive no reply e mail because after that it is easier to understand the procedure.

The best is to stay in contact with HR as much as possible. Because it might be a complicated situation for them as well. In my case my company was working with a third party and that 3rd party did not inform us that gov needs additional documents and we had to apply from the beginning again... because my first application had to be canceled because the company could not provide additional documents in time and the deadline given us was overdue.

For the ones who applies for a renewal I strongly recommend you to check the status from the government page. You can do it yourself by using your itsme account.

But for the ones who applies for the first time, I guess the only and best way is being in touch with their HR because they do not have an itsme app or eID.

These are my experiences only. I hope it helps.

@Aycan Gunal

Thank you for the explanation Aycan, very helpful! i have one more question, do you have any idea how this process goes for a person going to Belgium as a volunteer, not a regular job?  it it the same process that you get the work permit then residence permit then annex 46 ? thank you ! My region is Brussels btw not flanders...

@ostanancy01 you're welcome

I'm so sorry I really do not have any opinions about volunteer process :( but I guess you can check from other topics in the forum or create another title for the question maybe?

Sorry I could not help:(

Hello Guys,

Brussels/ second time application- Renewal

Submitted: 1 September

Work Permit: 9 October

Annex 46: 18 October

Good Luck to everyone!

@AA21 congrats and thanks for sharing! :)

Hello everybody,

I am in a bit hard situation and trying to understand If it is normal not to have the work permit still.

My company send my files at 28.08.2023 and I still did not receive the work permit.

Do you think is that normal?

Is there anybody who applied around mid or end of August? This information will be very helpful to understand my situation.

As I know work permit takes 8 weeks but when I called them they told me that it might take up to 120 days. Is that correct? What I know was the entire permit takes 120 days.


I applied for my renewal for a work permit (blue card Flander)

It was submitted on 6/10/2023

Admissible 16/10/2023

WP 20/10/2023.

Annex waiting

Original my case supposed to be admissible until 2 of November, 2023, at moment they have a lot of applications, once it is admisible the 120 days staring to count

@Aycan Gunal


I dont think the mentioned duration is alarming yet and you can wait, it may be any day now. it may already know this the time varies based on region. It took me around 2 months for first approval for flanders regions and more then 2 months for 2nd approval.

@Aycan Gunal

Hi. When you invest a lot of time and effort into something your mind tends to think of unrealistic expectations. It's normal. I've been through the same and almost everyone here. Just take a deep breath and i promise you, your permit will come.


@mohanealabib thanks a lot for your support, fingers crossed :)

@divsviet many thanks for your reply. Then I assumed a wrong duration for my wp as 8 weeks. In your case was it sth around 10 weeks only for the wp or even longer? It is weird that renewal is taking longer time maybe its a seasonal work load of the department. Because on their web site, renewal seems shorter.

Fingers crossed :)

@D Dil wow impressing :) I'll keep in mind the blue card option next time :)

@Aycan Gunal

hello, it is first time single permit for me and the whole process took around 5 months. 2 months for WP, 2.5 for RP and couple of weeks for stamping. it is taking more time for family reunification which is a different case altogether.

@divsviet thanks a lot for the information.

Hello all ! any updates with people who applied for their first-time single permit in August? Have a good day


Hi, any idea how long it takes for family reunification? i know theoretically it takes 9 months, but paractically based on experience or people you know on average?


hello, It totally depends upon the region and case by case basis. I have just seen someone getting it in 2-3 months without any question. Even if you called them they will give you the same response as each case is different. So all you can do is wait and monitor your emails, in case there is requirement to share any pending document.

@Aycan Gunal

no problem.

did you receive any requirement for additional document?

@divsviet Thank you for your quick answer, really appreciate it!

So even the region makes different? even though that submitting was via the embassy?

as i live in a small town in Limburg, which is , i assume not as big as antwerp or even hasselt

@divsviet no I have not received it. The situation looks admissable.

Hello Everyone!

Finally my single permit application for approved. Below is my timeline:

Application for Flemish region

Application date - 17 Jul 2023

No reply email - 17 Jul 2023

Work Permit - 28 Aug 2023

Single Permit - 26 Oct 2023

I hope you all get your permit asap! l

    Hello Everyone!
Finally my single permit is approved.

Below is my timeline:
Application for Brussels region
Application date - 26 September 2023
No reply email - 26 September 2023
Single Permit - 27 October 2023

      Residence permit -Waiting

I hope you all get your permit asap! l


@Hiba Fathima P. S Did you receive work and residence permits (=single permit) in one month?

Hello Everyone,

My residence permit card will expire on December 31st. HR department applied for my second single permit procedure again on October 27th (it is a renewal). Is it possible to receive both WP and RP approval by December 21st? After I receive my single permit (Annex 46), I have to go to the commune before finishing the year.

My first application period took a long. At that time, I was outside Belgium. Another concern is that there will be the Christmas holidays in December. I would be glad if you share your ideas, and if you have suggestions, feel free to let me know. :)

PS: My application is from the Brussels region.


Hello, once the work permit is approved, you can continue working normally until the new residency permit is approved.

You can get an annex from the commune (forgot which number it was) that allows you to stay in Belgium while waiting for your new single permit and when the work permit is approved it will be stated on this annex that you can work during the waiting period for your single permit


I am moving to Antwerp, but still waiting for my single permit approval. My main concern is that even they do not say anything about traveling Europe I would like to know if I am free to go as a tourist without affecting my application? Mainly because I have a personal engagement. I would not be staying longer you have any idea of this?

@Ralph Bou ghanem

Hello, thank you for your answer. I know that document. In my case, it's Annex 49, a kind of temporary work permit document as you said. However, I can't able to get this document until my single permit (Annex 46) is approved.

@mugeebilgen Yes it is the annexe 49

but if the region has approved your work authorization and you are waiting for the residency permit, you can work with the annexe 49. Below is a paragraph from the IBZ wesbite: … gle-permit

Can I work with an Annex 49?

If the Region has renewed your work permit, you can work, and the commune will circle "Labour Market : LIMITED" on the Annex 49. On the other hand, if the Region has not renewed your work permit, you cannot work, and the municipality will circle the words "Labor Market: NO" on Annex 49.

@Ralph Bou ghanem

Yes, I already read this website. But as I said, the common can't give my new Annex 49 until I give my new Annex 46 document to them. My first application was like that.

Hello all ! any updates with people who applied for their first-time single permit in August?

@Zoe Run hello , not yet , i am still waiting too…

i wonder whats the reason for that

@Hiba Fathima P. S Hi, did you manage to get both WP and Annex 46 within one month?

@Zoe Run still waiting 🥺


From my HR i receive this information that my SP is in behandeling bij dvz, it already 7 weeks, anybody knows how long it will take?

PS my case new application after changing employer 

Region Flanders

First time application: 13/10/2023

No-reply : 13/10/2023

Working permit: waiting

RP: waiting

Brussels- Flemish

First time application From Tunisia: 12/10/2023

No-reply : 12/10/2023

WP: waiting

RP: waiting

@junaydcheriti hey I am in the same situation as you. 7 weeks already + changed employer. Lets talk maybe on fb. maybe we can help eachother get some answers.

Hi, I received the WP yesterday. The file showed it was approved on the 2nd of this month. So long time to wait.

I think this is a good news for those who filed their applications in Aug like me.


Region- Flanders

First time application : 2/8/2023

WP: 2/11/2023

RP: pending

Good luck to all.

As I learn for flanders region, they are handling the files in August. It takes three months. … tot-arbeid


For update:

New employor WP request on 06/09

WP: 06/11