Single Permit Processing in 2022

@maharaji1984 are you still waiting?

Merhaba Berna,

Same here

10.03.23 application date

Still waiting for wp.

@maharaji1984 I don't know why ours are taking so long. I asked couple of time the reason but they said nothing about it.

@berna polat71

File application : 14 April

WP : waiting

Region : Brussels

I assume you are from Turkey, same here

My employer said expected date for wp is like 24 of June, we'll see

@berna polat71 Sincerely i have no idea...Whenever i call them the answer is : Sir! Work permits will be issued after 10 or 12 weeks later than region's approval date.

It may be general rule for Türkishs

@maharaji1984 it is now more than 12 weeks and for my application they said they are waiting for an advice, I have no idea what. I saw other turkish people in this forum and their application was approved in 5 weeks.

@berna polat71 There might be this :

If you earn some amount of money in a year, they are first looking in the local labour market. For example Actris VDBA and so on.

For that they are publishing and ad and waiting for an application. And there is a time limit for this ad remains on .

Maybe they are  waiting to finish this time period. I dont know.

Please can u also metion me if you get some news?

@maharaji1984 Hello! Could you mention please the category you're applying for?

@GO94 Unlimited period by worker


Region Flandre

N-reply: 15/2

WP: 29/3

Ask for additional document : 6/6

RP: 7/6

best for all 😊

@berna polat71 I wrote here before but my comment was deleted. I sent my documents 25/12/2022 but I got WP at 15 april. So don't worry, i know waiting is so stressful but you need to wait. If your employer is okey you will get wp :)

-First application -Flanders


Please has anyone applied for a D visa for long stays, I need their help!

@murat123 thanks...

A friend of mine got her RP this week, here's her timeline (1st application - Flanders):

- Applied on Feb 07

- Got her WP on March 23

- Admission of application to the Immigration Office happened on March 28

- Got her RP on June 05

Good luck to you all!

@joaoaccorsi almost 9 weeks later than status get Admissible

@joaoaccorsi  Congrats !  How did you know about the date of immigration office admission ?

Region: Flanders - 1st application

N-reply: 14/4

WP: 1/6

RP: Waiting...

I hope I get the Residence Permit soon. Trying to line up an apartment for the 1st of August which is my target date. I expect that to be pushed out to late August though...

@joaoaccorsi Congrats ! How did you know about the date of immigration office admission ?

Your employer should be able to check it online once the status goes to "admissible", you can ask them :)

Please guys how long does it take to land or get employed in Belgium in terms of months please help me.

@amansoalie hi may I know how long did you have to wait to finally get your Single Permit? :)

Did anyone get RP this week

@murat123 I was about to ask the same.

Hi everyone,

Any updates here regarding RPs this week?

My timeline :

Application : 10/03/2023

In treatment by Region : 20/03/2023

Request additional information : 12/04/2023

Admissible : 02/05/2023

Work Permit : PENDING

@maharaji1984  also mine is the same:

1st-Mar - Applied

3rd-Mar - No reply confirmation

12th-Apr - asked for add docs

25th-Apr - provided add docs

5th-May - Admisible

WP Pending still... it took too much time really dont understand the reason, considering the time that i should wait also for the RP and Visa D it will take 1 year as i can see... 😔

@Caki90 if you are not from Turkey, I would say they look extra if you apply in March.

Application: 9th of March

Admissible: 17th of April

Wp: Pending

After it is found admissible they have 120 days which is August.

@Caki90 çaki from which country you are applied?

@maharaji1984 north macedonia

Has anyone here received the annex 46/47 this week?

@karzano same date as mine, i'm also waiting for wp

It seems like everyone has almost same date range and no sp issued yet

Anyone hear anything nowadays?

Hello all

Greetings from Turkey

Update because of received WP

Application: 14 of April

WP Received: 21 of June (updated info)

RP: In progress (my employer said up to 10 or 12 weeks)

I am currently trying to find a VFS appointment for 29 of September (14 weeks from WP recieved)

Is there a gap between RP and annex-46 form?

@uzakgezgini any update ??

Did anyone get Rp this or last week ??

@karzano what is the category ??

high skilled worker ??


I hope you are all doing well.

I was hired by a company, and they assisted me to get my Visa D ( single permit).

But after i got my visa. The company sent me a mail indicating that they will prospone my arrival to belgium to next year because of vacancy shortage

My question is : in my situation, if i find another company we can use my current visa ( come to belgium with my current visa and just get a new work permit ) or should we repeat the whole process (6 months) to get a new visa and come to belgium

Thank you a lot for support

What does it mean that if the status is admissible in single permit renewal application of a researcher?

@rijeeshkodencheri means is : The treatment period can take around +/- 10 to 12 weeks through IBZ services from the date of file is admisible


Do you know if they are strict on the time? Because for me it might take more than 8 working days to go to Ixelles commune.