MOM rejected work permit

@JH80 You are in a difficult situation!

If you want to pursue this further (rather than leaving Singapore) you need to find out the rejection reason.You can try to call Mom, but in most cases they won't tell the job seeker anything. If one of the employers calls and speaks to the processing officer, they are more likely to say what caused the rejection.

Once you know the reason, you can decide if and how to remove it.

Pls my ipa cancel

@Rabbi mahi Only your employer can cancel your IPA.

Im faizal from Malaysia.I want ask you'll about Singapore MOM.I just get job at Singapore,but MOM rejected my work permit.Their reasons only this :

we regret to inform u that your application is unsuccessful

I work at Singapore before almost 5 years then resign and settle everything include my income tax.Now i get better job in Singapore,but my work permit rejected by MOM.What i should do for MOM approve my work permit?

Help me

@masudrana664263 The user you are replying to, Faizal90, only posted this one time - three years ago - and was not seen on the forum ever since. You are unlikely to get a replyfrom him!

But if you explain what you need, other readers (including me) could also try to help you.

@beppi hai

If mom reason work permit rejected

To talk with employers .can shere with me


Anyone  know if the reason mom give my work permit rejected

To talk with employers

@halidzainie Only your employer can, by contacting MoM, find out your rejection reason.

My mine why Rejected

My mine why Rejected
-@Md Hakim

How should WE know?!?

Hi Sir, I often applied  my work permit but Singapore MOM always reject my work permit. I had some mistake my educational certificate didn't match with my passport Singapore MOM has been cancel my work permit. Any one help or advice me what should I do about this moment.

@Md Abul Kalam1982 So, if I understand you correctly, you had a WP and it was cancelled by MoM because of problems with your educational certificates - and your subsequent WP applications were rejected?

In that case, you have a black mark in your profile at MoM and won't get another work pass until this is cleared. Contact them and ask what you can do about it!

Hi, my WP was rejected twice. The 2nd rejection was through an appeal sent by the company to MOM. The reason was, I'm not allowed to work in the proposed occupation. The solution is to change the occupation. But the employer said there's nothing they can do. I tried negotiating to at least change it for the new application but they only seen my whatsapp message.

In worst case scenario, can the employer rescind the job offer for me? Can they decide not to hire me anymore after WP rejection? I'm still in Malaysia waiting for weeks now. I already used my STVP in Sg.

@Grey_san Your message is ot very clear, but I understand it as:

  • Your employer applied for your WP and it was rejected. The appeal was also rejected, because you are not allowed to work in the offered occupation/job.
  • The employer does not want to pursue this further.

Now you are asking for a change of profession, but the employer seems to not have a suitable job to fill. And even if they had, the employer is not obliged to offer it to you.

You also ask whether the employer could rescind the current job offer. Well, it is already void (automatically), because you failed to get the associated work pass.

I think you should look for another job at a different employer!

@beppi They offered an Admin position but they put different occupation on WP application. I asked them why, and they said the job being offered is not on the choices for WP. 

@Grey_san Then the case is clear: They tried to cheat around MoM's regulations by declaring a wrong job category. MoM noticed this and rejected the application - they are very good at spotting this kind of fraud!

Thank your employer for it, but you will probably not get a WP for this job or for any other at this company. (Neither should you work for a company with such dubious practises!)

Better look for a Plan B!

@beppi The company is 3 decades old. I wonder how they can last that long. Lol. Thank you for your advice. I'm going to head back home.

P.S. I'm petty so can you suggest my last message to the company? 👀😆

P.S. I'm petty so can you suggest my last message to the company? 👀😆

An old saying says "You always meet twice in life" and another "Don't burn the bridges behind you!"

Therefore, I would write "Thanks for your trust in me and my abilities and for having given me this opportunity. I was really looking forward to become a part of your organisation, and it's a shame MoM does not allow this."

If you cannot reconcile this with your sense of pride, then don't write anything!

@beppi Thank you for that.  I hope you have a good day ahead.