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Would just like to provide a quick update on my EP Pass as well as would like to ask 2 specific questions.

Date of Application: April 15th, 2019
Approval: May 8th, 2019

I never saw my application going in the status of "further verification is needed from other agencies...". I am an Indian citizen, living in the US for the past over a decade and a half. I am taking about 33%-35% pay cut from my current salary. However, my fixed income is going to be $10,800 in Singapore, which is not that bad for a single person like me. My employer is the largest, NOT one of the largest, brands of Singapore, a very large global company, and the government of Singapore owns over 50% of it.

I have two very specific questions and I DO NOT want to address these questions to my employer as of now:

1) My medical is done and under "Medical Required" in the IPA, it says "Declaration". What does that mean?

2) If medical is all clear, does anyone know about any instances where someone DOES NOT get an EP Pass despite having an IPA?

3) When you look at MOM's website, they only need the passport copy and a copy of the degree certificate from the applicant. My understanding is that the employer doesn't submit your resume while applying for an EP Pass. I have a lot of people saying that the MOM doesn't like job hoppers and all that, how does the MOM know that you are a job hopper, consider you are applying for the EP first time and don't have any work history in Singapore? Does your employer at any time exchange your resume or work history with the MOM, especially during the time they apply for an EP Pass online?

Also, I am not an expert when it comes to EP Pass and all that. But I would like to offer my help, pro bono, to those who are looking to find a job in Singapore and how to go about every step end-to-end, from preparing a kick-ass resume, LinkedIn profile, applying for jobs, interviews, etc. It's not what I do professionally, but I do have substantial knowledge and expertise in this area. I understand that this may not be the right forum/thread for that, but I just wanted to put it out there, just in case.

Thank you so much to everyone for what you do!

Congrats! I think you did not read our existing threads where we have discussed in details. Below is one of the link:


Medical report would be triggered EP rejection only when you have some decease which can be transmitted and threatening to our society (didn’t declare to MoM at the time of application approval process) Or else in most cases, there is no worries. Good luck

Vetting ("further verification is needed from other agencies...") is not done for everyone - only random spot-checks or if there is any doubt.

1. No idea, never heard about that.

2. Usually nothing to worry, as Surya wrote above.

3. Your complete education and work history is part of the work pass application form, which the employer had to fill. Job-hopping is only a concern within Singapore (and there, MoM will know it anyway).

Thanks for the great offer to help others formulating and formatting their CV. I hope you find many takers and they benefit from it.
To promote it more, you may want to post a separate thread with fitting title on the forum.

Hi Surya & Beppi,

Sorry for posting twice in the forum. Really need your insights for my situation.

I am an Indonesian Chinese studied in Singapore before and graduated in 2015. Tried applied for an S-Pass before in Dec 2015 but it was rejected due to the company does not have S-Pass quota. Afterward, I relocated and worked in Malaysia from 2016 till now.

I have just signed an offer letter with a reputable company in IT programming industry dealing in CRM. The company itself has conducted its own background check as per their application process. They have offered me a role as a Sales Rep with $4500 basic excluding commission. They will be engaging with US immigration firm services to apply for my work passes by tomorrow.

I don't dare to resign from my current company yet as I have faced rejection with MoM before and I would like to get confirmation before everything.

I used MoM SAT and showed that I was qualified for an S-Pass.

My question is:
1) Will my previous rejected S-Pass in 2015 affect my new application in 2019?
2) Based on the offered salary, SAT only showed I am qualified for an S-Pass but the salary is in the E-Pass range. Should I request the employer to tick both passes?
3) Is it true that Indonesia nationality is harder to obtain an employment pass?
4) Is there anything I could do from my side to make sure the application goes smoothly?

I have read most of the forum topics and I hope this question is not repetitive. If so, I do apologize.

Thank you guys.

Most of your questions are already addressed multiple times. It’s like most of expats here don’t spend time (doing your homework properly) before asking same questions repeatedly.

I will respond in short:

1. It won’t affect but if the earlier pass application was rejected due to your nationality (in past I have read many Indonesians were not eligible to work here) then it may have an issue.

2. If you have done graduation then SAT should show both. Your fixed salary should be above $3600 with graduation to get eligibility to apply EP.

So, you should know what have you input so that SAT shows you are only eligible to apply S pass.

3. Read 1 for the response.
4. Nothing

Good luck

1. Not really, but the same criteria will be applied to your almost same profile.
2. The minimum salary to qualify for EP increases with work experience. Thus I guess your offered salary is not in the EP range for your situation.
3. Not officially. Race plays a much bigger role: Are you of Chinese ancestry or not?
4. I don't think there is anything you can do. Do not resign from your current job before the work pass is approved!

Thank you both of you for the replies!

I am still with my Malaysia company and not tender my resignation yet. Having phobia after what happened last time haha.

I see, so do you advise me to ask the employer to apply for both E-pass & S-Pass or just SPass ONLY based on SAT results?

I am an Indonesian Chinese, my birth mum is a PR in Singapore and my step-dad is a Singaporean (legally accepted me as his son with paperwork done). Both of them are Chinese also. Does the family affect any result?

Cheers guys.

I think they should apply for both EP and S-Pass.
Your family bonds might help, but such cases are rare and we have no experience here how this is handled.
Good luck!
(P.S.: If you were adopted by a Singaporean, how come you didn't become citizen, or at least PR? This might be counted against you, if they suspect you avoided NS this way!)

Thank you!

I did apply for PR last time when I was under 21 during my study in Singapore. However, I got rejected 5 times and unsuccessfully appealed even with the MP (each area Parliament member) write-in appeal letter. That was a very depressing moment.

I was forced to relocate to another country to work. And recently I was offered in a very reputable company as I have an Indonesian background.

It's so tough now in Singapore.

But, I shall have a positive energy about this and hope for the best! :D

Really appreciate both of your help, beppi & surya.

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