Criteria at MoM to approve a work pass


I got approved EP with no Degree

9k salary
5 year experience

Good luck

Hi Charlie,

What do you do? Broking what?

How long u been waited for approval MOM?

I've been waiting approval for 3 weeks but still pending.


Hi sir,

I broke base metal futures contracts and Bullion

i waited 2 weeks sir

good luck

I also broker but bonds financial banking...

Thanks for your information


You should be fine with the ep
Just sit tight Singapore still desires such niche talent.

Hi All,

I'm still waiting pending confirmation:

Nationality -- Indonesian
Company -- Financial Banking
Salary -- Around 7K
Educational background -- nothing provided (no degree)
Experience -- 7 years related to the position
Application -- 16 September 2019

Pending 29 days now (working + Non working days)

Just ask HR and they just contact MOM and they say surely big chance to approve but in fact, still waiting... Finger crossed...

Hi Beppi and All,

Just  fyi..

Nationality -- Indonesian
Company -- Financial Banking
Salary -- Around 7K
Educational background -- nothing provided (no degree)
Experience -- 7 years related to the position
Application -- 16 September 2019
Approved -- 28 October 2019

Waiting for 42 days and finally approved... Rejected on 14 oct and appeal and finally approved...

Thanks for all support and information.  See u in singapore!!!

Dendianton: Congratulations!
Your case is very interesting - could ypu please tell us if you got an EP or S-Pass?

Congratulation my friend
My is lafdil I search at work in Singapore I don't know how to search
For advice

You may refer to the below link to give you an idea on how to search a job in Singapore. … 67#4439105

Thank you brother

Hi Beppi,

i got Employment Pass... First my visa got rejected because of posting ads that my employer is not updated. And they appeal my case and today I just got approved for my employment pass :)


I didnt search work in singapore. i got hijacked from singapore company as they know I got experience in the same field in my country, indonesia.

Very intersting - this is a deviation from former practice that EP without degree is only given at high salary (used to be S$12000/month minimum). Thanks for sharing!

Yes right... But in fact, my salary is just around 7K withiut degree and got approved for EP... :)

But dendian I think this company in Singapore seeing your cv in expat you don't have the true edea

No Lafdil, I didnt put any cv in any jobs ad. they know me because of the market. i work in financial banking and we have get used to know one another as the market in financial banking is very small. So we can know one another from other overseas as we always have a meeting every month.

Hi Beppi and Surya,

My spass was rejected and my employer told me the reason is "the candidate is not eligible to apply for a work pass. Please look for another candidate."

What does that mean? Am I not eligible to work in Singapore? How if I apply with other employer? Would the outcome different?

Kopipeng: This question has been answered on the forum several times before. Please read before you post!

I am really clueless and watching pending status from the last 7 weeks. I am already holding an EP  and even they had issued it hardly one year back( not a typical job hoper)

My skills are completely matching with the new job description. Considering all the reasons from the first post of Surya, how much more time they require to qualify or reject the case. My status is not changed from the date of submission and when the employer asked they reverted with a very generic reply.

don't know what to do next.  :|

It’s difficult to judge or comment on how many more days it will take before the result will come out. But, in generic terms, as you are holding existing EP, if there were no new information (certificates or any other information) provided to MoM, then it should be faster. Have patience, result might come in weeks time, till you can continue your current job. Good luck

Wait patiently. This is the ONLY thing you can do.

Ur enquiring as a applicant or business owner. If applicant, suggest u asked ur employment agency. Corp pass is only given to administrator of the company. Sing pass is required by director to lock in and assign a corp pass. Hope it helps … ng-against … jobs-bank/

Any idea what the update would be about ? :| The second link above is very intersting it highlights one of the post on this forum i guess ? Could the "tightening" of FCF mean more days of advertising or something totally new ?


I would like to ask. What does it mean when an MOM officer says that "This person is not suitable for work." Is anyone aware of what is the reason for it? I have never committed any offence in Malaysia nor Singapore. I was accepted to 3 jobs however, all 3 jobs was rejected by MOM. It says it was unsuccessful. And when my employer asked, they said "This person is not suitable for work." I've read some of the comments and I do not see anyone says the same thing as what the MOM officer said to my employer. Is there any way to ask MOM? If there is, how should I ask? I tried calling MOM, but all of the options requires me to either input NRIC/FIN which I do not have one. If there was an issue with ICA, I believe ICA will stop me from entering Singapore. However, I am able to to enter quite a few times. Also I am a Sabahan.

Please help.

EDIT: 1st job was Security Officer. 2nd job was Showroom Executive. 3rd job was Service Crew/Waitress.
Employers tried to apply for WP and was rejected. Reason given on the 3rd job "This person not suitable for work. The 1st and 2nd job "No reason given".

Thank you.

I never heard this exact phrase before.
The only way to find out is by asking your employer(s) to contact MoM.
But I noticed that you applied for WP, for which different rules apply than for the other work passes. For example, there are dedicated source countries for each kind of profession - Malaysians cannot, for example, become maids or construction workers in Singapore. Try to find out whether Your intended jobs are open for your countryfolks!
Also, since WP is meant for manual labour, you won’t get it if you have further education or a degree. In that case, look for a position in line with your skills (and get S-Pass or EP).

You can get your FIN (or work pass application number, which becomes FIN after approval) from the employer(s). But there should also be an option to log in with your passport details.

This person not suitable for work, this phrase from MoM I have read it before here.

Looks like MoM says to your employer to find another candidate instead of you. There could be several reasons including your employer didn’t justify why they are hiring a foreigner instead of a local. Secondly, there could be a possibility that your employer doesn’t have quota to hire a foreigner (e.g. S pass quota). Thirdly, your employer didn’t follow the basic criteria before engaging to hire a foreigner. Fourthly, your experiences n education don’t match with job posting by the employer. It can be any reason. Better ask your employer to check with MoM to get more clarity. Good luck

I see. Understood. So I either have to find a different job that matches my criteria or I am unable to work in Singapore at all. Thank you for your assistance [at]beppi & [at]surya2k

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