Criteria at MoM to approve a work pass

We have noticed in recent months where expats ask why their work pass application got rejected despite of full filling the criteria of a job and offer letter in their hand. It gives them anxiety, sadness, and immediate assessment of next course of action.

Beppi and myself answers these questions most of the time as expats don’t visit older threads to read past discussions and secondly due to unexpected result, with the anxiety and what to do next, expats expect an immediate response. In many instances, they send private messages to us and seeking for an advice urgently.

So, to overcome this, we have written down possible reasons for rejection of an application and what could’ve the following process at employer’s end.
Anyone can add more points into this.

There could be any reason, below are few potentials:
1. S pass quota availability at employer
2. Employer’s pas record while hiring foreigners
3. Information discrepancy between original documents and declarations
4. Valid rationale from employer to hire a foreigner along with provide proofs that locally they had tried but didn’t get skills as per the job scope
5. Adverse record of employee
6. Any fake certificate or incorrect declaration or fake
7. Salary mismatch in the market in line with employee’s experiences and education
8. Mismatch between job requirements and candidate's background
9. MoM wants more locals to be employed in the employer's industry (see recent news about reduction of foreigners' numbers)
10. Feedback (or missing thereof) from candidate's educational institutes or past employers during vetting stage
11. Nationality and race of candidate
12. ... (probably many more that MoM does not publish)

What could be the next course of action!

The appeal is the only potential option for MoM to reconsider its earlier decision. 

For appeal, someone has to understand very precisely that the employer has to rectify the issue and furnish a note to validate their appeal. Without addressing the core reason of rejection won’t give a positive outcome on appeal.

Good luck to all of those expats who are going through this work pass application approval process.

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