Hi all,

I am Mrs. Priyam Doshi, and have shifted to Mauritius since 1.5 years now.
I am looking for a full-time job maybe into Finance or Marketing.
I have a work experience of 3.5 years and am very dedicated towards work.

Looking for some good response here. :)


Hi Priyam,

please drop an advert in the Jobs in Mauritius section of the website, you might land an opportunity. Furthermore, try to contact the professionals listed in the Jobs in Mauritius section of the business directory.

All the best,

Hie i intend to move to mauritius sometime this year, i have a degree in marketing management and some security qualifications, i have also worked as a waiter. Can anyone help me with information abt my chances of getting a job and work permit. Thank you

Hello Bhavna,

I have posted the same.

Thank you for assisting.


Hi Priyam
You have to know the local language Kreol/Creole or French, otherwise its difficult to find a job. Secondly the payscale is very poor. And most companies prefer Mauritian born.
So good luck.

Hello Mr. Sinha,

Yes that's true and I agree.

Trying my luck although.

Kind Regards,

Hello Priyam,
Are you an Indian? If you are an Indian, for jobs India would be better, specially New Delhi or other metro cities such as Mumbai. Better learn French if you want to migrate to Mauritius, then it would be easier to get a job.

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