Has any south African found work that are not doctors or lawyers ?

Hi all,
Has any south Africans found work that are not doctors or lawyers.
Reading that you have to  earn 65000 rupees a month to obtain a work permit
is that correct.

Hi Paul,

Most South Africans working in Mauritius actually are not doctors or lawyers. Most work in the financial sector (all branches - banking, insurance, offshore, asset management, audit, etc) and hospitality industry at managerial positions and others.
A growing number is now also employed in high end precision manufacturing.

For an Occupation Permit as a professional, the minimum salary threshold is MUR 60,000 monthly except in the Information & Communication Industry where it is MUR 30,000.

Thanks Winston.

Do they take in to account Housing, Travel and medical as a monetary value
when looking at Occupation Permit.


Depends on the employer. Some do, others don't.

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