Looking for a CHEF for Christmas Day!

Hi All,

My family and I have booked and are very much looking forward to spending our first Christmas in Mauritius from East Africa. We will be 4 families in self catering apartments near pointe aux biches. Due to the number of adults and children (15!) we  think that the most suitable option is to hire a chef to cook for us on Christmas Day as we arrive on the 24th and will still need to find our bearings.

I would be grateful if anyone could recommend someone or point us in the right direction.  Thank you in advance!


Hiring a good chef during the last week of December won't be easy especially on the 24th to 25th as most will be already booked by hotels, private companies and for the huge number of end-of-year events that will take place.

it also depends on the type of cuisine. If it's something local (Mauritian cuisine with various influences), many restaurants and snacks usually take orders a few days in advance and your food will be ready for Christmas Day. For more specialized international cuisine, then it's better to buy from restaurants specializing in this particular type of cuisine.

Hi there,

I know someone who is a good CHEF.

I dont have his phone number but here is his email address

Contact him ;)


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I can highly recommend Jason Mahadea and you can find him on his Facebook page "LaGastronomieFine", tell him Sophie Le Brozec recommended him and don't hesitate to PM me if you can't find his Facebook page. Happy Christmas!

Hello.will be glad to serve you with either Mauritian dishes or European starters.please let me know beforehand as I have some bookings to confirm


grateful if you could please send me an email on ***
l'll show you what our chef suggests for christmas. She has been "le meilleur ouvrier de Maurice" this year.

Best regards,


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