International school teacher salary

Hi all. We are an Afrikaans South African family looking to move to Mauritius. I have an UNISA Bachelor degree in education with 4 year teaching experience in geography, history and Biblical studies. My wife has her own business (specialized blends to the food industry). We have three children aged 8 & twins 5. Firstly, can foreigner's teach in Mauritius and how would I go about applying for an International teaching possition. What schools are recommended? What would the average teacher salary be? We are looking forward to your reply. Regards Jannie


Job opportunities for expats exist in private international schools but the openings are mostly seasonal depending on the needs of the schools.
Moreover, given that local employment is preferred, the process can be selective and concerns mainly certain fields of teaching.

Hard to give you a figure regarding the salary. Either way, it will have to be at least MUR 60,000 monthly as this is the minimum requirement for someone to be eligible for an Occupation Permit as a Professional. The upper scale will vary depending on qualifications and experience.

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