Wish to set up a business

Looking to visit Mauritius soon and to set up some businesses. if you have any business plan you can share.

Hi Rogers, I am a business developer I’d like to help. Feel free to send me a pm. Cheers

Hi Roger,

Can we get in touch through e-mails.. I do have a lot of Ideas and business plans.. with a lot of details..

I might set the path for you to go ahead.
Don't worry I am no Business Tech at all.. I just have come up with plans after so many personal experiences.

best regards,

Hi Roger, do you have anything in mind? Here's my two pence worth - from experience.

I'd advise you to come down, observe and talk to:

(a)  authorities to make sure what you undertake is legal and authorised
(b)  professionals to make sure what you undertake is feasible and viable

Refrain from replying to private requests and doubtful invitations (with the type of posts you've put, you'll attract many of these) before you take the above steps.  People improvise themselves into business experts quickly when it's others funds at stake.

All the best

hi... me just back from mauritius after a stay of 10 days. went to check out business propositions personally. made a few GOOD contacts. following up with them on business association with india. business can also be done with china.
let me know what you have in mind.... vj mo.

Greetings to all,

I know I am the least experienced person amongst you all but I got an idea about a tourism business. I will maybe need some help but still can share the idea and maybe starting to develop it.


Ok Vijaymore nice to meet you. Please can you send me a message to my inbox, hope we can discuss more. Thanks

Ok Girlish nice to meet you. Please can you send a message to my inbox so we can discuss more on the tourism business. Thanks.

Greetings to all,

Yes Mr Roger infact the pre plan of the business is still imprecise I will need some help and advice about it. It is about stating a low cost tour operator here in Mauritius. If we can meet one day it will be much better. And on the same wavelenght all people interested in the project can come and give their point of view.


good to hear from you.
To continue further lets exchange our email ids. and contact each other directly.
Back in India after spending about 10 days in Mauritius and got all the relevant information and details... FIRST HAND.
best wishes
vj mo (vijay)
Business / Legal Advisor

A transport business would be nice in tourism


In case there is a job proposition, let me know. I would love to work in tourism.

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