How to apply Spass after EP reject?


I have been working as EP for 5 years and this year is due for renewal. But when submit, it shows that I am eligible for S-pass only. There is no tick box to choose "EP or SP". The result is rejected. How can I reapply as Spass under same company? Should we submit as new applicant? because my HR is not so experienced and ask me to find out too. The salary will be downgraded too right?


The EP eligibility criteria is strengthened from January onwards. So, where did you get the confirmation that you are eligible for S pass only? Did you check through SAT? If yes then you are correct.

Ask your HR to apply a fresh application and indicate the tick mark on S pass (or HR may tick both S pass & EP, let’s MoM consider which pass you should be entitled for). Good luck

How i know is when HR renewed EP, before click the submission button, the alert box pop up and showed that I am not eligible for EP but eligible for Spass. Yes I checked through SAT also and said i am eligible for spass.
So i can ask HR to submit as new applicant right. Thanks.

You can check with HR whether they had applied for renewal or not but it’s HR responsibility to renew your work pass.

My HR is not very sure about this too and ask me to find out if possible. Btw how about the salary? Currently paid $4k but for spass can reduce to $3.5? Because now company need to pay levy so they want to lower $500. Is it possible?

You can negotiate to keep your salary as remains same. But, it’s the employer who can say yes or no. If they want to reduce your salary to pay levy fee then you can’t do much but it shows how cheap these companies are, even can’t pay levy fee from their account. Good luck

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