Profession changing in iqama

My husband didn’t got, it almost 2 months

Assalam o alaikum,

need your suggestion, one of my friend needs to change his profession and HR told him profession (Ameen Mastooda). Please advise is it good profession or its reserve for Saudi or not ?


hello all, plz let me know how much is the validity of yellow slip? is it 6 month or one year?

1 year and after stamping visa travel within 3 months.


Anyone knows how to change accounts profession. I heard you have to acquire socpa membership first than you can change the profession. Can anyone guide me on this?

Hi Uman911,

What is your qualification?

Hi faiz50,

I have bachelor degree in accounting from oxford brookes university attested from saudi cultural and saudi embassy in uk. But now the procedure is totally different. I have also applied for the membership of SOCPA. I need the procedure to change the profession of accounting. Currently my profession is Labour.

Atlast my profession changed from salesman to Electrical engineer successfully.

Uman911 is this the Bsc Hons. degree in Applied Accounting if this is the case then how did you get it attested from Saudi Culture? and also when did you get it attested?


Mabrook Ameen 1993

Faiz50 it was attested in 2015 from saudi cultural in uk but now they are not attesting distant learning degrees. Yes it is same Bsc hon in applied accounting. When you changed your profession in accounting just update me the procedure.


Sure Uman911. Thanks for the info.

Hello Ameen1993, i want to know the process of profession change to engineer, I am also keen to change my profession to civil engineer but according to my HR department it is still closed for engineers and doctors.

@mr. ameen1993 congratulations.
Do u get ur new printed iqama or it is changed in system uptil now?? How much time it takes to get the new iqama?

I received SMS from jawazat stating my profession is changed. In Absher also profession changed. New Iqama, will receive in a couple of days by post.

@mr ameen good mashaAllah plz update when u get the printed iqama thanks

regrading this any update. please tell me

recently i change my profession and got the iqama also and i applied visa for my wife and its approved..

How much time it took?

And what was your last iqama profession and the recent one?

my previous profession is labore and new is project director total process take on 3 to 4 days

Sana nayeem :

N technician visa can apply for family visa?

I came on technician visa, but I am holding engineering degree. Is it possible to bring family

Sana nayeem :

N technician visa can apply for family visa?

I came on technician visa, but I am holding engineering degree. Is it possible to bring family

Hi Ahmed,

Mabrook brother. Can you please tell me the process for your family visa that you have done? I want to ask how much fee you paid here before applying for permanent family visa and also how much is required to get visa stamped in Pakistan from Etimad?


thankx brother..
i only apply for family visa for 3 month.. not parmenent

i see brother thanks

please add yourself to our group related to profession change/ family visit issues and get opinions from one of group members

whatsapp group link:

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Bro my degree is MSc chemistry and I have chemical technician profession can I get family visa I mean permanent family visa

Brother I have MSc chemistry degree and my profession in chemical technician am I eligible to get permanent family visa plz anyone advise me

I have been lately able to change the profession of a few employees. It is not always possible but it seems there is a possibility for limited time.
Good luck!

is there upcoming ban on profession change again ? is there any agent offering service to change profession because my company is failed to change mine again and again. please advise

please advice any reliable agent

I am looking for agent, please advise a person who can change the profession.

Can visit visa holder can get medical insurance?

My profession change request approved by Ministry of Labor but still no response from Ministry of Interior. Can anybody help me ?

Brother Mohammad 84, How do you know that MOL approved your change profession. What procedure you did to reached your paper to MOL. Please reply.

The status of my application at MOL changed from "Under Study" to " Waiting Response from Interior Ministry".  The procedure was to apply directly through employer portal at MOL

even same here ...
but how to check its approved or not i always go to my hr dept with saudis ..

we can check ourself ?

any update ?
if its done pls let me knw i am also waiting for it.


I have changed my profession and it took 20 days after submitting it

Dear all,

My hr changed my profession. I only took 2 mints to do it online. Once changed online i received msg from moi-jawazat.I checked on abshar and the profession was changed, I even received the iqama on the same day. If your hr is doing it online then it should not take much time.

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