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Jeddah is the most diverse city in Saudi Arabia. It is home to 3,4 million people and to the largest multicultural expatriate community in the region. The city is often referred to as the business capital of Saudi Arabia. Known as the Bride of the Red Sea, Jeddah lies on its eastern coast, which is a drive for domestic tourism.

Since ages, the city has been the main port for Hajj pilgrims. While preserving its historical legacy during the past years, Jeddah has developed to an important business hub, a port for exporting non-oil-related goods. The city is also popular for its relaxed ambience and morals, comparing to Riyadh and other parts of Saudi Arabia, which makes it even more apреaling for living and working here. With so much happening, it is easy to find a job in Jeddah or to start a  business.

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To date, Jeddah's workforce consists of some 5 million workers, including a large number of expatriates.

Economy of Jeddah

Jeddah's economy is very favourable for business dealings because of its large and diverse population. Many expats find that opening small and medium businesses in Saudi Arabia is very prosperous. Catering to certain ethnic diasporas has been rewarding, with cultural restaurants, markets and stores being crowded daily. Following the official opening of Saudi Arabia to tourists (since September 2019), the city is becoming a trendy destination and tourism is creating a lot of work and business opportunities.

Head offices located in Jeddah include Saudia Airlines, BinLaden Group,  while factories, refiners, and the ports can also be found in the region.

Less than an hour from Jeddah is King Abdullah Economic City or KAEC - a megaproject of the Kingdom, combining business district, education city, residential zone, an industrial port, and many more. KAEC is an investment centre which promises up to one million jobs. The project is still undergoing, though partly operational with some hotels and offices that have been already opened.


It is important to note that with the Saudisation policies, jobs that used to be open to foreigners have now been limited to Saudi nationals only.

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