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Latest job offers in Jeddah
Added on 11/11/2023
USD 800
Everything you need to know to work in Jeddah
Working in Jeddah
Jeddah is the most diverse city in Saudi Arabia. It is home to 3,4 million people and to the largest multicultural expatriate community in the region. The city is often referred to as the business capital of Saudi Arabia. Known as the Bride of the Red Sea, Jeddah lies on its eastern coast, which is a drive for domestic tourism.
Working in Saudi Arabia
Finding a job in Saudi Arabia is mostly done before entering the country. Employment visas are still the most issued type of visa in Saudi Arabia, even though the country has started issuing tourist visas since September 2019.
Starting a business in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia is one of the fastest business climate improvers, according to the annual World Bank's group report — Doing business Report 2020. The reforms ongoing in the country, both at the business and the social levels are favorable for the investors to come.
Internships in Saudi Arabia
Performing an internship in Saudi Arabia can be an interesting and enriching experience for young professionals. It will not only give you exposure to a different lifestyle but also will help you acquire professional experience from a wealthy and prosperous country.
Saudization: What it means
When reading about looking for work in Saudi Arabia, you will probably come across the term “saudization”. While this is a relatively new term in Saudi Arabia, you will probably be seeing it quite often as it is considered to be one of the major hurdles when it comes to building a career in the country as an expat.
Restrictions on Iqama Professions
Many thanks to Jiggs500 for asking these questions and to HRGuru for his answers.
Job candidates in Jeddah
Assistant secretary
Permanent contract
Added on 20/02/2024
USD 3000
Added on 20/02/2024
Added on 31/01/2024
Refrigeration system technician
Permanent contract
Added on 15/01/2024
USD 3500
Supervisor position
Permanent contract
Added on 04/01/2024
USD 13000
Added on 19/12/2023
USD 200
Radoin Koudri
Permanent contract
Added on 19/12/2023
USD 4500
Préparatrice en pharmacie
Fixed-term contract
Added on 17/12/2023
USD 700
Head baker
Anis Moussaid
Permanent contract
Added on 09/12/2023
Added on 30/11/2023
Software Engineer
Shahid Ali
Permanent contract
Added on 12/11/2023
USD 1500
Added on 13/10/2023
USD 100
Fast food worker
Permanent contract
Added on 09/10/2023
QAR 3000
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